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  1. Diablonar

    PC Terraria: Journey's End - Master Mode Letsplay

    Hello guys, Just letting you know about my stream happening now at release. I'm gonna be streaming Master Mode, full-scale adventure on the largest world to sorta get the most out of the game. Just a little about me: I've been playing this game for over a thousand hours, and am generally...
  2. Diablonar

    Ghost & Spectator Mode

    So I thought I posted this thread way back, but I guess it may have been on TO. And for some reason, I can't find it. Ghost Mode Changes Currently, Ghosts in Terraria are subject to not only severe limitations, but also bugs. I'm talking about the Ghost of a hardcore player that just died, of...
  3. Diablonar

    Craftable Urns, Vases, etc

    With new features! See below. I regret breaking the natural layouts of pyramids and the like, placing an item nearby (and breaking them), using my hookshot to get around, accidentally swinging my sword when trying to place/use an item or potion, or when I have to move things around to expand or...
  4. Diablonar

    Megadusa & Medusa

    Hey! So I wanna suggest a boss, as well as adjustment to the already existing Medusa. * Open for ideas and improvements, may be edited over time * Please do post feedback and ideas! The new boss Megadusa There are certain adjustments I also wanna suggest. All of these are mainly for...
  5. Diablonar

    PC [New Glitch] How to maintain Portal Gun speedup along ground

    Hey folks, So you already know how momentum from the Portal Gun can be used to travel across maps? Well, the problem with that method is that you have to be airborne using Wings or other accessories to maintain any degree of speed, which is hard to control. If you run out of "flight", that's...
  6. Diablonar

    WIP Marion's Horror

    * Work in Progress * Changelog/thread revision included in my second post here. This idea was inspired by the desire to give Hell a proper facelift. Right now, Jungle is worse than Hell. Hardmode Hell is the same as Normal Mode hell, so you can just farm Souls by standing under Crimson and...
  7. Diablonar

    PC [1.3 Tutorial] How to Add, Change or Remove borders for your ingame cursor/mouse!

    Update: There is an ingame option for this now. No need to use this thread :) Thread Updated! Hello folks! I couldn't see another thread detailing this before, so I'm posting to you how to do this and how it will look like. A feature was added in (Yes, it's available now and you...
  8. Diablonar

    [Stream] Diablo's Terraria 1.3 Live Streams

    Hello, all fellow Terrarians! I have begun streaming a new adventure in 1.3, with voice-commentary. I'm playing the game on Expert Mode, hoping to finally get challenged properly :) So far I have to say, loot drop chances are neat. Or was I just lucky? Being a tad perfectionist, I'm going to...
  9. Diablonar

    Movie Star Wars: Episode 7 - Teaser Thoughts

    You can change your Poll Vote after voting. This makes it easier incase you change your mind after reading this post. I just saw the new trailer for Star Wars: Episode 7. For the most part, I have been sceptical to the idea of Disney getting their hands on Star Wars. I just never trusted their...
  10. Diablonar

    Found a cause and solution for NPCs both not respawning, and unlocking!

    This works for PS3, and might also work for other consoles, even PC. I found a problem that caused the Guide not to respawn, and the Witch Doctor to not even arrive when the conditions were met. This may affect other NPCs similarly too. I'm posting this here because it seems like a bug. Please...
  11. Diablonar

    Terraria Future and Spoilers Discussion Thread

    Yes people, you saw it coming. A new place to discuss the future and spoilers of Terraria. It's odd that this thread didn't exist already. As always, this is a multi-platform thread. We're not discussing solely console- or PC-specific content, everything goes here, also because the consoles...
  12. Diablonar

    I am here

    As promised. Pretending to be important. After some trouble with account transferring.. Diablodoc, King of Peasants, has arrived.
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