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  1. Etotheipi

    tModLoader Spawn NPC from an instance as opposed to using an ID.

    Say I had an npc class called MyNPC. The way I think this is done is with the NPC.NewNPC(x, y, id) method. However using that method doesn't let you edit any fields before you summon it. So I was wondering if I had code like the following, MyNPC myNpc = new MyNPC(); myNpc.randomField = 17...
  2. Etotheipi

    (1.4) What difficulty do you play the most on?

    Just a poll to see what the most common difficulties people use on their playthroughs. If you choose Other reply to the thread with details.
  3. Etotheipi

    I suppose this is an AMA

    I thought it'd be fun to do one of these =P. Just don't ask for my address or anything like that or where I store my assassin robots.
  4. Etotheipi

    Make an item OP game.

    I thought it would be a fun little game to try to think of the most creative ways an item could be over buffed into a super weapon. The way this will work is each post will give a way to make an item OP, and then at the bottom of their post they say the next persons item. Rules: It has to be a...
  5. Etotheipi

    Screen resolution should not change view distance.

    Currently, you can see a longer or shorter distance away depending on your resolution. This gives players with higher resolution monitors an advantage, which isn't really fair. I'm assuming the view changes are there to make sure the player isn't an ant on smaller screens, but the player should...
  6. Etotheipi

    Early-Hardmode Duke Fishron Strategies.

    I thought it would be interesting to have a place to share strategies for beating Duke Fishron as early on in the games as possible, consistently. I have an idea for a strat, based on a strategy I first saw used by the youtuber waffletime. It still needs polishing, and my knowledge of the game...
  7. Etotheipi

    Hello peoples.

    <intro>I'm a nerd, I like math and programming, and I procrastinate too much. I think that sums up my character nicely.</intro> I got Terraria like 3 days ago, and its been a lot of fun so I decided to join these forums to get advice so I don't do stupid things, as well as to use the forums...
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