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  1. JoeReturns

    Ask Joe, please...

    Ask me anything. Although I'm not that interesting, so meh. (Please don't ask me where I got my name from, because if you do I'll eat your dinner)
  2. JoeReturns

    [Sprites] Guinea Pig mount

    Hello y'all, and welcome to my suggestion :) Timothy hay: [Sprite soon] Timothy is an item that Summons a ride-able guinea pig. It is obtained by farming grass with a sickle, it has a 0.1% (1/1000) chance of dropping. Tooltip "Summons a rideable Guinea Pig mount". Buff: Buff "tooltip": "Your...
  3. JoeReturns

    10,000 thread!

    Making this to celebrate the 10,000 thread. :eek:
  4. JoeReturns

    Corrupter's Claymore

    Welcome to my suggestion! Just a quick not before I start: At first, the was gonna be an Eater of Worlds sword but then I changed it to an Eater of Souls sword, but then I thought it would work better as a corrputer sword. Corrupter Sword: (Gonna give credit too @Pumpking for helping me with...
  5. JoeReturns

    WIP Bunny Leg!

    Hello there TCF folks and welcome to my suggestion, enjoy reading and lets begin. :D So, the corrupted bunny is annoying. It deals a little bit of damage on new players, rarely spawns and drops what? A bunny hood. Yes, the bunny hood is a cool vanity item, but do people wear it? Here is my...
  6. JoeReturns

    WIP Guinea Pig Items!

    Hello and welcome to my suggestion. There is currently one Guinea Pig item in terraria, and that is the pet. The pet is cool but isn't on PC. So, here are some items for both PC and Console. Thanks for reading Enjoy :D (WIP) The guinea pig Critter: Same spawn rate as bunny. Defense=0 HP=5...
  7. JoeReturns

    Club Penguin

    Club penguin is a multi-player game that is free to play. It's pretty cool, no objective just pure fun. So, you create your Penguin and give it a name and stuff. Then you enter the land of Club Penguin. You get to play minigames around the map and go into shops such as: Coffee, dance, pizza and...
  8. JoeReturns

    WIP PC things come earlier? (Some Console suggestions)

    I think this should be in this place :p 1. Ocram summoning and Console exclusive armors can be crafted with the opposite ore (Orichalcum, Palladium and titanium instead of just Cobalt, Mythril and Adamantite) 2. Pc things could come early? Since PC is a few updates ahead of Console...
  9. JoeReturns

    Casual How did you get your TCF name?

    How did you get your TCF name? Post down below :D I got my TCF name from my real first name :P Yep, no story...just my first name ;)
  10. JoeReturns

    Favourite football team?

    Title says it all :D Who do you support? (For you americans...soccer) Who do I support? Newcastle united :D
  11. JoeReturns


    The sea gets a hole in the bottom of it with lots of creatures :) So sharks, squids, crabs and more don't spawn randomly anymore and spawn in this hole. The whole is not in every world, but can be summoned in your would with a "Broken Sea Shell", which is obtained by sea snails as a 1% drop...
  12. JoeReturns

    WIP Jellyfishing net and other add-ons!!!

    Welcome to my new suggestion! Jelly-fishing net: Information: The jelly-fishing net is obtained on the 100th quest for the angler. The net can only catch jellyfish! When you catch a Pink Jellyfish you can keep it as a pet or let it free! But, when you catch a blue jellyfish you can turn it...
  13. JoeReturns

    WIP Dino-Saw!

    Here is yet another suggestion of mine! As usual, sprite needed :) Side not: If you feel the crafting is bad let me know, Thanks :) Dino-saw: Stats: Type: Tool Damage: 25 Knockback: 0-None Max stack: 1 Rarity: Axe power: 250% Use time: 11 (very fast)...
  14. JoeReturns

    Humorous Sprite Thread!!!

    Welcome to my sprite thread!!! :D ENJOY!!!(or should I say "enjoe" ;) ) WARNING: These are some Juicy sprites Sprite by @nealpd :D Sprite by @FoxyRodentz :D Sprite by @Milt69466 :D Sprite by @darthmorf Sprite by @creeperguy19 Sprite by @MegaMage314 Sprite by @TheWizard332 Sprite by...
  15. JoeReturns

    Console Crafting Console exclusive armour!

    As you may know, console has three exclusive armours. Good right? Well not at the minute, I went to craft Dragon armour but then I realised that it can not be crafted with pallidium, orichalcum and titanium equipment. It took me about 4 hours to create new worlds and to gather the ores to...
  16. JoeReturns

    Ghost sword?

    Here is a quick suggestion that I came up with. So, here is my suggestion: Name: Ghost Sword. What it does:When swung it summons a ghost to attack, but the sword itself goes through the enemy (hence the name). Damage: 56 Drop: 1% drop chance from ghosts. Knockback: 3-weak. Use time: 12-Very...
  17. JoeReturns

    Mobile The guide in mobile?

    Should this go here? I don't know. As you may know in the PC and Console versions of Terraria you can ask the Guide about crafting. I'm not sure if this is just me, but in Mobile you can't ask him. So this quick suggestion is to basically add this into the mobile edition of Terraria. Do you...
  18. JoeReturns

    Terraria In-game pixel art.

    What is your best terraria In-game pixel art. I have nothing :P. Post them down below.
  19. JoeReturns

    Short Story Damn Slime!!!

    A new character, a new world. The sun was shining and the water was flowing. The player,Joe, looked around and started smashing pots and chopping trees. His first chest was in sight. He ran and placed his rope to climb the mountain. He felt great and ran to the opposite side of the mountain. He...
  20. JoeReturns

    Save The Snow Flinx

    As many of you may know, some enemies are just in terraria to be there. They drop nothing and do nothing. Well, one of them is the Snow Flinx. Yes, they drop snowball launcher, but is a 0.67% drop chance, and who is going to farm the Snow Flinx? Its pretty useless. Now, I'm not going to get...
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