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  1. Terra Prime

    WIP Attack on Terraria (comic)

    Inspired by the legend of Maxx. Comic #1 Comic #2 Comic #3 Comic #4 Comic #5 attackonterraria.proboards.com
  2. Terra Prime

    WIP The Legend of the Immortal

    Table of Contents I. The Origin of Terraria II. A Sudden Arrival III. Seals Released IV. The Council of the Creators Welcome to my story I am going to write! I am trying writing out, so don't expect greatness. I always will like feedback, tips, and ideas, and please tell me if there are any...
  3. Terra Prime

    Terraria Drawing Showcase!

    Here is a place where you can show off your drawings and paintings to the community. This is based off of the thread Terraria Spriting Carnival by @DerpoTheMagnificent. Please have appropriate images. Here is one of mine: Now, go out there and show the community your stuff!
  4. Terra Prime

    Drawings & Paintings Prime's Terraria Sketches

    Hey, guys! Do you want to see some sketches of mine? Well, I want to draw them. If you want, you can request a sketch, but make sure it isn't too hard because I'm just starting out and I'm not that good. My Drawings:
  5. Terra Prime

    Now I'm Going to Do What I Should Have Done Years Ago...Well 3 Months Ago

    Hello, I am Twin Prime Destroyer and I play the piano. Terraria is my favorite game and it's awesome. I just want to say hi, and thanks for being awesome here, my first three months have been great. Hello!
  6. Terra Prime

    Casual What are your favorite Twitch experiences?

    So here you can talk about your favorite Twitch experiences, whether it be watching or streaming. I was watching Hero on his 24 hour stream and at one point this one song came on and kept repeating, and kept singing "One more time!" Over and over, and Hero was dead tired, it was just fun for...
  7. Terra Prime

    Ocean Biome Chest (Sprites!)

    So, first suggestion, so feel free to put your input and give suggestions and ideas. The ocean is important, right? It has its own music, background, loot, enemies, and a boss. Shouldn't it have a biome chest and a unique item? Introducing, the Ocean Biome Chest! (Sprites by PineLord.) Locked...
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