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  1. Nirvloyd

    Drawings & Paintings Nirvloyd's Arts and Sprites

    -Nirvloyd's Arts and Sprites- hello terrarian! i wanna share you all of my terraria related drawings and Sprites! ==DRAWING== v Hello the Terrarian v v Darthmorf v v Ariel in Hallow Biome v v Steampunk Ceazar v =CHIBI STYLE DRAWING= v Meowmere Girl v ==SPRITES== v Midas Scythe v...
  2. Nirvloyd

    Defeat Lunatic Cultist with Crimson Armor (Normal)

    I am sorry that i compare myself to yrimir alot, i am a fan~ that's why i wanna be as good as him Sorry for the bad quality video and sorry for my bad english xD this is a list of what i use in the fight Weapon : Unreal Chorophyte Shotbow, Raven Staff Armor : Crimson Armor Set Accesories: -...
  3. Nirvloyd

    How to beat Skeletron Prime with only molten armor and palladium repeater (VIDEO)

    I beat Skeletron Prime with Molten Armor and Palladium Repeater this is a video that i made on how to beat skeletron prime with your molten armor and palladium(cobalt for alternative) repeater. i found this video useful for people that can't seems to find enough material to make decent armor to...
  4. Nirvloyd

    My crush ask me if we could play together with her brother and her boyfriend, i made a room for them

    hello guys, as you see on the title i'm gonna show you a base that i made for my crush, her boyfriend and her brother you guys might think that it is heartbreaking to play with my crush's boyfriend, it is not ^^ he is a really cool guy, so it is fun for me to play with him so, these are the...
  5. Nirvloyd

    PC Do i have to rebuild my base again on v1.3 ?

    So right now i am making a base that i make for my female friend on pc (v1.2.4), and i am worried that when my terraria updated, the world that i'm working on will be gone, and i have to rebuild everything again ._. Well some say that it wont be deleted, it just wont get the update like new...
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