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  1. Isaac the Jester

    The funniest and weirdest gifs ever

    just post the funniest&weirdest gifs you know. And I have a library of weird gifs: If this thread has already been created let me know and I will stop this one
  2. Isaac the Jester

    most forgettable item

    now most people after they read the title must think that i have not seen the most useless item thread, i have, and this is different, certain items (like ebon sand) are useless, but you think about it more, but this is just an item that you hardly use, if ever, and most likely will not remember...
  3. Isaac the Jester

    what we need more of

    is there something that the world needs more of? because i think that we do nit have enough pip... JUST LOOK AT HOW COOL THIS IS!!! ITS FREAKING PIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway just post something that the world needs more of
  4. Isaac the Jester

    Pip-boy 3000

    this is a pip boy it shows your health, items ,quests, etc. but one of the coolest things it can do its V.A.T.S. vault-tec assisted targeting system. here is what it looks like: (vats demonstration) now i was thinking how cool it would it would be to do V.A.T.S. in terraria, so i made this...
  5. Isaac the Jester

    favorite quotes from other video games

    since there are so many other threads, i dont know if this has already been made, if so, just tell me and ill have it locked. but what quotes that are from other video games do you like the most?i like the motorized patriot quotes from bioshock infinite "strike down the heathen with great...
  6. Isaac the Jester

    favorite Bioshock game

    personally, bioshock infinite was my favorite game out of the series, i just loved the quotes, characters, and feel of the game. but which bioshock game was your favorite?(dlc does not count as it own game) also which plasmid/vigor was your favorite? i liked using the CHARGE! and murder of...
  7. Isaac the Jester

    touch the person above you

    like the title says, touch the person above you and comment how they react. in detail EG: isaac pokes face-face. face-face screams while running away
  8. Isaac the Jester

    last person to post here wins

    just comment, the last person to comment on this page wins, so go ahead
  9. Isaac the Jester

    what halloween costume would you want?

    what halloween costume (dropped from the goodie bags) would you want in real life? i think i would like the reaper costume. or the unicorn costume… both are fantails or just have cat ears… why not
  10. Isaac the Jester

    Proud buildings

    What is a house (or structure) that you made and love very much? I made a snow house once and I really enjoy it because I love the way it turned out:On a side note, what do you normally name your main world? I usually name mine "glory of Colombia" or "rapture" from the bioshock series.
  11. Isaac the Jester

    Ever feel cheated?

    Did you ever feel cheated while playing terraia? Like an item disappeared or something? When I first started playing, after a while I had molten stuff and and a demon scythe(which at the time in the mobile was hard to get) I wanted to create a new character with the same name as my old one, and...
  12. Isaac the Jester

    Which boss theme is your favourite

    If I made any mistakes in which boss has what theme please let me know
  13. Isaac the Jester

    New crystal biome

    Terraria is a place to wander, so more rewarding biomes should be included! A new underground mini biome I've been thinking about would be the crystal cavern . The crystal caverns would be rare, but not too rare and quite big. There would be about 3-5 per small world, 5-7 per medium world, and...
  14. Isaac the Jester

    PC What's your favorite theme?

    I pick a couple of random themes to pick which are the best. If you have one that I didn't put on there, tell me and I will keep track
  15. Isaac the Jester

    PC New crystal biome

    please see more detailed thread I've been thinking about a new biome which would happen under ground,and would be a closed off cavern that would contain giant crystals (unlike the crystal shards) would be two blocks thick and give blocks high, the crystal caverns would have a separate theme...
  16. Isaac the Jester

    Discussion about 1.2

    I know that 505 is not going to be doing a full fledged 1.2 update for the mobile, and even if they DID, it would take about 1935292 years to finish. So what should happen is instead of a 1.2 update, the mobile should have a little but of 1.2 content and have more of a focus on making more...
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