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  1. Magi∆

    tModLoader king slime code?

    hello! i currently am working on a boss named the emerald king, and i want him to jump around like the king slime. can someone edit my current boss code to make it do so? here is my code: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using...
  2. Magi∆

    tModLoader anyone know the code for making your mod boss spawn at daytime? i need it soon.

    does anyone know how to make your mod boss spawn randomly at daytime? i need it so i can make a daytime boss.
  3. Magi∆

    i need even more help ;-;

    ok so like my own modded pet won't go away when i unequip it. someone tell me the code to make it do that. please.
  4. Magi∆

    tModLoader i need help

    so im tryin to mod for my mod team, and it's a pet. and i get this one error. pet projectile code: using Terraria; using Terraria.ID; using Terraria.ModLoader; namespace ANewAdventure.Projectile { public class JohnPetProjectile : ModProjectile { public override void...
  5. Magi∆

    tModLoader New Adventure

    This mod is new and old gen, and is released, but the reason this thread has little stuff is because I don’t have enough time to do this thread right now fully
  6. Magi∆

    tModLoader OH NO HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED IT BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OH NO! I DELETED MY TMODLOADER FILE AND THE GAME HAD RUN OUT OF MEMEORY! WHAT DO I DO TO GET A NEW CLEAN TMODLOADER FROM STEAM AGAIN?! (i know it seems obvious but it gives errors when i uninstall, and when i finally can uninstall and reinstall, the mods are still there.
  7. Magi∆

    help me please i need help with my mod

    my mod gives this error please help: here's the code: using Terraria; using Terraria.ModLoader; using static Terraria.ModLoader.ModContent; using Terraria.ID; namespace ExampleMod.Items { [AutoloadEquip(EquipType.Wings)] public class MagiWings : ModItem { public override...
  8. Magi∆


    hello, i need help with my custom armor helmet. i can't get it to show up on my characters head. i would preferably like help by next week or less. i am on tmodloader version, and here is my code, tell me what to fix. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using...
  9. Magi∆

    Pixel Art Magi's Pixel Art

    Hello! i make a lot of pixel art, and i want to put it to good use. if you need any pixels for mods or just for fun or anything, then please ask me. however, there are some things i can't make. i have some rules -nothing NSFW -if it is for a mod and something with many images in one png, jpeg...
  10. Magi∆

    object refference not set to an instance of an object. help!

    help me fix this. i am attaching all needed.
  11. Magi∆

    tModLoader HELP ME PLEASE!

    okay, so i got everything perfect. but.... it says there's missing files... but it's right there what do i do? HELP ME OJFOPSEJFPOJWJFLE:SPGFOEPJFWP"EWGJPEJSJFPSF
  12. Magi∆

    golf cart code?

    um, not sure if this goes here or is allowed, but can someone get me the golf cart code, the golf cart keys code, and the golf cart buff code? i want to edit it for a mount in a side project.
  13. Magi∆

    tModLoader A Random Mod

    A Random Mod: v1.0 Developers: Creator, Spriter, Beta Tester, Modder: Magi∆ Spriter: DestroR Current Content: (not updated) [/SPOILER][/SPOILER] it is on tmodloader browser, or it should be This is basic code. I will update it again once I fix stuff.
  14. Magi∆

    tModLoader help?

    i don't know if this goes here, but i need help with tmodloader mods. it says another persons mod didn't unload fully in the last unload. i need to fix it. the mods that say this are terramon mod, webmilios commons library, calamity mod, fargos mutant mod, thorium mod, loot bags, fargos souls...
  15. Magi∆

    Hall Of Fame

    ok, look, yes, my last map may have not been very good, but this is better. right? please say yes. ok, so it's a hall of fame. i'm going to realease up to five updated versions of these, so if you want to be in one, message me and tell me 3 things you did for terraria or here (working on...
  16. Magi∆

    Adventure Terraria: Master Quest

    This is my next map. even though it's called "Master Quest," it's not on master mode. i will update this shortly
  17. Magi∆

    Survival The Apocalypse Map

    Hello, i made my first terraria map! it's an apocalypse because it is in hardmode in the middle of a solar eclipse and blood moon and on master mode.i hope it's fun. i suggest that you use a new character, because your start base has heart crystals, life fruit, and a bunch of hardmode crates...
  18. Magi∆

    Survival The Apocalypse Map

    Hello, i made my first terraria map! it's an apocalypse because it is in hardmode in the middle of a solar eclipse and blood moon and on master mode. i haven't tested it fully, but i hope it's fun. don't worry, you can choose your character. i think. again, haven't tested it fully yet. but i...
  19. Magi∆

    TCF Newspaper

    8/5/2020 Terraria Community Forums Newspaper by Magi∆ The CC #81 is out now! That’s right, it’s out. All the people in it did great, and I was shocked at how well people can make builds! Congratulations to all of you for such wonderful builds. You can enter your Terraria drawings and builds for...
  20. Magi∆

    IC the apocalypse

    This won’t get very big probably. Due to unknown reasons, there has been an apocalypse on earth, causing earth to become a wasteland. Now, there are many monsters roaming, and you must fight to survive. Rules: no controlling other people’s characters, and you can only have 3 characters. OOC...
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