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  1. SimeaseKitten

    OOC The Incredible and Gigantic Tower

    This tower? Yeah the tower you saw just appear and is so tall that it probably crosses over into another galaxy! Anyway, this tower isn't some regular tower. It has unique rooms, enemies hoarding stuff, and the best, TREASURE! Now this is no game as there will be puzzles, interacting, and...
  2. SimeaseKitten

    IC Boss Rush Galaxy IC

    BOSS RUSH GALAXY IC Boss Checklist: -Digga Leg {5 HP, Defeat Digga Leg} -Bouldergeist {4 HP, Defeat Bouldergeist and Protect Grappy, who has 3 HP} -???
  3. SimeaseKitten

    OOC Boss Rush Galaxy OOC

    Ever just wanted to beat up a boss? Well now you have it! A carefully constructed galaxy with tons of planets that contain the weirdest and toughest bosses! You can work solo or work together to beat up some bosses! As some RPs might take it slow, this RP takes it fast and straight to the boss...
  4. SimeaseKitten

    OOC The Unlimited Doom of New Years

    A world where crap isn't fair. Nothing just seems fair at all. I mean you have the ability to use magic and all but the world just wants to smite you. Its like a spidey sense, it tinkles and you know death won't come from old age but more of young age. On January 1st, New Years will be there...
  5. SimeaseKitten

    IC The Guild of the Terra Wizards

    {Job Request Board} {Blank} {Blank} {Blank} {Blank} {Blank} {Piano} {Blank} A place where friends are made and where new stories are created. You decided to join this guild for your own personal reasons. That is the past though which you must carry through. Now is the time to shine at the...
  6. SimeaseKitten

    OOC The Guild of the Terra Wizards

    /!\ Lore is work in progress /!\ Its basically a wizard guild thing. Thats basically it. Character Form Things to know: 1.) Your are human, get over it. I mean you could be a Neko or a demon, but you have to be at least half human and mostly have to look like a human. Sorry gamers… 2.) I am...
  7. SimeaseKitten

    IC Hysteria Revamped : A New Beginning

    Hey everyone! I am excited to release Hysteria Revamped! Here is some quick stuff to remember: 1.) Be Nice to others 2.) TCF Rules are in play 3.) No Bunnying 4.) To interact with something, simply say so and how you do so. 5.) Communicate with other characters through your character to...
  8. SimeaseKitten

    OOC Official Hysteria Revamp OOC

    Hysteria Revamped Note: I got permission to continue the Role-play Hysteria from Huzbubber recently. As of now, Huz is working on the game Hysteria, so I will be the mod for now. However, if he wants to jump in and add something or such, he is welcome to do whatever he wants. Ok, onto the...
  9. SimeaseKitten

    Drawings & Paintings Smallest Art Thread to Exist : SimeaseKitten

    So I barely ever do art, but when I do, its kinda fun. I haven't done too much art digitally besides my notorious meme comics I spend hours on (In signature if you want to check it out) and a picture of Horror, one of my RP characters. I will post here when I feel like it. I sometimes draw...
  10. SimeaseKitten

    IC Pokémon Wild Camp

    Camp! You are in camp! You start to see a bunch of other Pokémon! Might as well greet each other!
  11. SimeaseKitten

    OOC Pokémon Wild Creation Thread

    Pokemon Wild You are a Pokémon that has lived in the wild for their entire life. No matter your level, you specifically were invited to come and meet up at a shelter built solely by Pokémon. You were invited to have fun and that was all! This is a do whatever you want RP, cause I haven't...
  12. SimeaseKitten

    Guess the Person above Pokemon Move Set

    Say 4 Pokemon moves that the person above has
  13. SimeaseKitten

    IC Gurandohanmā v1

    _________________ Gurandohanmā v1 _________________ Current Players Participating: @Animus Viral @Bubby Aurora @GodlyCutlass @Gabrielismo @ThatOneMobileTerrariaUser @SolarDragonMarnyr @SimeaseKitten @AlphaEspeon The school that you been invited to is now standing before your eyes! You can...
  14. SimeaseKitten

    OOC Gurandohanmā OOC

    Title: Gurandohanmā Genre: Detective / Slice of Life Introduction: You, yes you, were invited to an amazing school called The Grand Academy. You didn’t sign up for this school, because the school won’t allow that. Everyone that attends the school is invited by agents that scouted you for one...
  15. SimeaseKitten

    OOC Hysteria - Temporary OOC

    While we wait for the RP to come back, we will be able to talk here.
  16. SimeaseKitten

    IC Yuu High : A Superhero Academy IC

    ((I dislike huge intros so here.)) You are outside of what is known as the best school in the country, Yuu High! You are nearly steps away from entering the school that everyone you known wanted to go to! Studying extra hard, you have passed the written exam and now they welcome you with open...
  17. SimeaseKitten

    Call upon me

    Guess I should've made this. Anyway, ask me about anything ranging from my characters, things I do, RP stuff, and many other endless possibilities.
  18. SimeaseKitten

    OOC Yuu High : A Superhero Academy

    This will most likely be the last role play I am making on this site. Anyway, I hope this catches your interest. : Lore : You live in a world of various supernatural powers. Most people refer to them as Gears. There is people with Gears and some with none. The gears some people have...
  19. SimeaseKitten

    Single Thread RP Smash Bros : World of Light RP

    Now, before we pick fighters and all, here is a bit of info. Some extra fighters were added for a bit more option. Some that I would think not just me, but a some other people would like. If you would like to request a character into this, PM me. You can PvP with another person, however you...
  20. SimeaseKitten

    WIP Right Click Skill : Wand of Sparkling

    Wand of Sparkling Statistics Type Weapon Damage 8 Magic Knockback 0 (No Knockback) Mana 2 Critical chance 4% Use time 27 Average Velocity 7 Tooltip Shoots a small spark Right click to make the pillar of flames Inflicts Debuff On Fire! 50% chance Debuff duration 2 seconds Debuff tooltip Slowly...
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