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  1. gotest

    tModLoader Leveled RPG Mod | Port to tMod Project

    Terraria Leveled Mod for tModLoader LEVELED 1.0 IS OUT. CHECK KNOWN BUGS BEFORE POSTING ABOUT THEM. Be sure to use Unleveled with this mod too! It brings Leveled to it's full UI glory! Brand new features out (such as an API to make addons for Leveled), check out the changelog (at the bottom)...
  2. gotest

    Standalone [] Terraria Leveled RPG mod

    Terraria Leveled is a mod of Terraria with just leveling added, that's it. And to add optional textures to various UI elements to keep things different. I will not be adding classes, races, or quests! If you want that, go play N Terraria. TModLoader Version Thread Wiki Page Discord Join the...
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