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  1. Blue_M4ge

    Pixel Art Blue_M4ge's Sprites

    Blue M4ge's Sprites Hello, Welcome to my spriting Thread, Here Ill post any sprites I've made ,both Terraria and possibly Non-Terraria Related. I'm still new to Spriting so feel free to leave feedback for how I can improve. Terraria Sprites
  2. Blue_M4ge

    Would you rather...

    As the title says ask a would you rather question Example: Person1: would you rather fight a shark of fight an alligator ? Person2: an alligator Would you rather burn your hands or burn your feet? I’ll start: would you rather know how you die or when you die?
  3. Blue_M4ge

    Favorite planet

    Mine would be Neptune What’s yours?
  4. Blue_M4ge

    Worst enemy in the post plantera dungeon

    Of all of the enemies that kill me in the dungeon ragged casters are (and always will be) my least favorite enemies in the dungeon.
  5. Blue_M4ge

    What terraria item would you want in real life?

    If you could have any item in terraria in real life what would it be? For me it would be the Rod of Discord.
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