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  1. 360Chadscope

    tModLoader Chad's Furniture-and-More-Mod

    Hello everyone. I have returned (for the third time in two years) to bring joy and cheer to all the little boys and girls of the Terraria Community Forums. This christmas santa is giving all the good children furniture. The bad kids also get furniture. Have you ever found yourself in need of...
  2. 360Chadscope

    [Sprites] Skeletron Prime 'Hands' Minions

    Chadwick presents... The Prime Staff! Don't you agree that Skeletron Prime needs more drops? Yes? No? Read the suggestion. yeah, that'll do for an intro The Prime Staff would be dropped by – you guessed it – Skeletron Prime. It would have a 33% drop chance but only if the player kills all four...
  3. 360Chadscope

    (Sprites) Horse Mask

    Yeah alright, Terraria: Otherworld seems like a cool game and everything, but it looks like it's missing one crucial thing that any game needs: a :red:ing horse mask. Look at this: Now look at this: And just :red:ing dare to tell me that you don't want it. *clears throat* Now allow me to list...
  4. 360Chadscope

    [Sprites] Archaeologic Finds

    Chadwick presents... His idea for, like, dinos and :red:! I think by now most of us have heard the news about the so-called 'mini biomes' coming in 1.3 [source]. Judging by the screenshot delivered with the spoiler, these would just be small structures or landmarks you could find around your...
  5. 360Chadscope

    tAPI Chad's Horse Mask+

    This mod is only compatible with tAPI, and not with tModloader. Unless you haven't updated your Terraria in the past 2 years, I'm afraid you won't be able to play this mod. Chadwick presents... Chad's Horse Mask and more Mod! I'm very sorry in advance. Februari 17 2015 - 1.0: Nightmarish Worms...
  6. 360Chadscope

    [Sprites] A few small texture changes, nothing more

    Chadwick presents... A few small changes to textures and such that I think would improve the game just a little bit. :red: it's him again Yes, reader, I'm back. what's it this time A few small texture changes that in my humble opinion would improve the game just that little bit. that little bit...
  7. 360Chadscope

    [Sprites] Brain and Worm Minions

    Chadwick presents... A FLOATING BRAIN THAT SUCKS ON ENEMIES So I was thinking 'hey, I should make a suggestion with a lot of thought put into it' when I noticed that there are only 3 pre-HM summoning weapons. I thought of the optimal point in the game to introduce another summoning weapon...
  8. 360Chadscope

    [Sprites] Flower Biome

    Chadwick presents... His idea for an underground Flower Biome! Hiya guys, it's another suggestion from Chadlabs CMTU. My first biome suggestion, if I'm not mistaken. Enjoy. Or don't. It's up to you, really.
  9. 360Chadscope

    Throwing Potions (and the Skull Potion)

    Chadwick presents... More potions. More potions? More potions. But they're not just potions! Not just potions? Not just potions. You see, dear reader, we have a significant lack of throwable potions in Terraria. Why is that a ba Because we need them. We need throwable potions, reader, and we...
  10. 360Chadscope

    [Humorous] Updateballs

    Requests are currently closed. Because. So are you guys into countryball comics? Well I know I am! I've had this idea for a terraria version of countryballs for a while now, but I never really felt like making it. But then I did. And here it is. Updateballs. Woohoo. Click the...
  11. 360Chadscope

    Pixel Art Chad's Deep Pit of Sprites

    STATUS: Not Taking Requests due to Backlog and Personal Life Please dont kill me Hey there internet, aren't you looking handsome today! Welcome to my deep pit of sprites! Here you find a collection of roughly two years of sprites. Well, most of my earlier ones (and really I mean a lot of my...
  12. 360Chadscope

    Horse Mask

    Should I? Really, I'm not sure... "cmon do it! we want it!" Is it really worth porting? I mean, it was cool and all, but- "chaaaaad it was your most popular thread!" Yeah, it was. Kinda sad when you think about it. "it had 43 likes man" Yeah... "21 people wanted to have the internet renamed...
  13. 360Chadscope

    PC Skingworld

    Skingworld? Yeah I know it's a bit of a weird name but I've got a thread to ma Why Skingworld? I... I don't know, could you just let me make my th But wai Because. ok Anyways, hi guys. It's me. Chad. Chadwick. Chadwick9000. Chadw1kover9000. That Chad. So I recently shortly after 1.2.4 came out...
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