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  1. CantWontDo

    Member-Run Project Noltem

    @ChimeraWarden, @CursedSliver, and @CantWontDo (me) are working on a scratch bullet hell/ shooter game called No-Item. ChimeraWarden is the owner and one of the lead devs for the game. CursedSliver is the other lead dev. I made the music and some of the sprites. @noahblast20 made some as well...
  2. CantWontDo

    Underrated Gems

    Post any entertainment related thing here that you feel is underrated (youtube channels, tv shows, books, video games.) You can say why if you want to. Saiki K, Diary of an 8 bit Warrior
  3. CantWontDo

    TV Shows/ Movie Recommendations

    There are many TV streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu. What are some TV shows or movies that you like? Here are mine: Dilwale, Three Idiots, Taare Zameen Par, Lost in Space, Raising Dion, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. These are all on Netflix.
  4. CantWontDo

    IC Razed - IC

    Here is the OOC if you want to join. Our story starts a few minutes before the end of the multiverse. No one has any clue of what is about to happen. "Hey you! Stop littering! Earth isn't your trashcan or something!"
  5. CantWontDo

    OOC Razed - OOC

    (okay, I know there are a ton of new rps lately. just bear with me.) The year is 3150. Humans have discovered the existence of a multiverse. Every video game, movie, or book character exists. The multiverse teamed up to eradicate all evil, and the future seems bright. But then... with no...
  6. CantWontDo

    IC Shattered (IC)

    Go look at the OOC first, so your characters can get approved : Shattered - OOC This is my first RP I created, so if I do something wrong, please correct me.
  7. CantWontDo

    OOC Shattered (OOC)

    There is a new villain that has emerged. His goal is to take all universes and shatter them, to reshape it into something of his own twisted design. He has started his attack in the land of Terraria, but will soon spread out into other universes. His name is Shard, and it is your goal to stop...
  8. CantWontDo

    Short Story Can you rate this descriptive writing?

    I have a descriptive writing for school. I do not know if this is good, so can you guys rate it? There is a feast on the table. It is the night before thanksgiving. The air is shivering with anticipation for the glorious day tomorrow. There is a...
  9. CantWontDo

    CantWontDo's Sprite Thread

    Favorites: my top sprite: My work for EliasFrank's mod: Scrapped entry for creation compendium: (bad) [/SPOILER] My new sprites for my own work in progress mod: Some tiles for you to look at: Material that drops from it: An animation! Wow:
  10. CantWontDo

    My AMA...?

    I am starting an AMA :). Don't ask any personal questions or questions inappropriate for the forums please.
  11. CantWontDo

    A new status message for a natural Destroyer spawn

    Not sure what section to post this in, but I have an idea for a new status message for the destroyer. "A feeling of undescribable terror goes up your spine" I think this is fitting because the destroyer was meant to be a replacement for cthulu's spine.
  12. CantWontDo

    Who is the oldest member of the forums?

    Who is the oldest member that is still active?
  13. CantWontDo

    Mobile Skeletron not spawning

    I was playing with my brother, and we were going to fight skeletron. The curse button did not spawn the boss and kicked me out of the menu. I checked that it was nighttime, and any other options in journey mode that might have interfered.
  14. CantWontDo

    Why are some profile pictures glitching?

    I have noticed that there are a few profile pictures in the forums which are glitching and then coming back into focus. Why is this happening?
  15. CantWontDo


    Hi. I am really excited to share all my ideas with all the people out there. It would be nice if you could check my ideas in my signature if you want.
  16. CantWontDo

    The Aberration(new hardmode biome) WIP

    Lore: The Aberration is what was created when light and dark clashed. The gruesome and rotting evils of the Crimson and Corruption saw the purity and perfection of the Hallow. They grew ever sour and sections of the evil near the Hallow became infected with hatred for the Hallow. On the other...
  17. CantWontDo

    A completely new weapon type for Summoners.

    As I have been browsing the forums, I have seen a lot of posts clamoring for a buff to summoners, even after whips were introduced. So, my solution are focused summons. Part 1: Focus Focus would be a new mechanic in game specifically for summoners, similar to mana for mages. The way it would...
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