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  1. alantrik

    tModLoader Endless Escapade

    Right, so where the link? If some litterally-whos on youtube have access, I don't see why the rest of us shouldn't.
  2. alantrik

    tModLoader Starlight River (WIP)

    Someone really needs to leak this already...
  3. alantrik

    Tool [Patcher] Terraria Tweaker 2 | SUPERCHARGE YOUR TERRARIA! (1.4 compatible!)

    Is there a way to make patches permanent? EDIT: NVM read the thing.
  4. alantrik

    Important ANNOUNCEMENT: Modding Rule Update 2018/08/06

    Good thing there are places to get Removed Item mods that aren't bogged down by all this simpery.
  5. alantrik

    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader FNA (32bit/64bit) (Branch of tML)

    Just release the 1.4 mod loader so those jokers :red: themselves and release it faster instead of making excuses for fake delays.
  6. alantrik

    tModLoader JoJoStands

    Wut? I don't think spamming clicks does anything.
  7. alantrik

    PC Terrarian Bizarre Adventure - JoJo Mod for Terraria

    Feels pretty good so far. I'm guessing the stamina regen and usage will be tweaked later on. My only suggestion is to use mouse controls for Aerosmith.
  8. alantrik

    tModLoader JoJoStands

    Just some input, the stands don't really seem to be on par with enemies in Expert. And paired with Calamity and it's Revengeance modifier they hit about as hard as a wet tissue at the highest Tier the obtainable materials allow.
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