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  1. Wormscarf67

    Wavebank 1.4.1 New JoJo's Bizarre Adventure WaveBank (Changes the music of Terraria)

    I just finished the last part of the anime "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure", and being enraptured by it, it spurred me on to create this wavebank. It took about a week, meticulously planning what theme would go with which Terraria song best (don't worry, I didn't just spam Giorno's Theme), and...
  2. Wormscarf67

    Sprites Magic Pebble: Pre-Hardmode Summoner Accessory

    This is the sprite for an Item that I have proposed called the "Magic Pebble" It's a really simple accesory, with nothing fancy up it's sleeves - all it does is increase your minion slot by 1. The reason it has such a simple effect is that the summoner class lacks an early game summoner...
  3. Wormscarf67

    Builder Potion Buff

    Ok, this is a pretty simple suggestion, but one I think should be implemented because the Builder Potion is often overlooked. The first change I would make is to double the Block placement speed buff, from a 25% increase to a 50% increase. Having an increase of 50% is also numerically nice...
  4. Wormscarf67

    Skeleton Rogue

    I am part of the Terraria Fan Ideas Wiki and I had created this idea quite a while ago (1 year ago). Read it and post your reviews in the comment section. Should it be added in? Anyway, enjoy! (Here is the link to the actual site) Skeleton Rogue The Skeleton Rogue is an enemy that spawns...
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