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  1. SilverBird

    Will Purple Spiky Things(Demon Altars) return? If so, what do you think is different about them?

    I think they will be in otherworld, but who knows what they would do?
  2. SilverBird

    Music Silver's music/art thread

    Random sprites:
  3. SilverBird

    New accessories (and possibly other items)

    Some accessories quickly become useless *cough putrid scent cough* and some have really nice effects but sadly are not useful late-game *cough bee items and sharktooth necklace cough* Rotten teeth necklace (Name by @Midnight Moonlight ): += Enemies are less likely to target you +5% damage and...
  4. SilverBird

    Life Crystals are difficult to obtain in multiplayer

    Life crystals can be very limited, especially on multiplayer where you will need an absurd amount of crystals to get everyone up to 400 hp. Since crystal hearts do not grow like life fruit, and ONLY generate upon the world being created, it can take hours of digging just to find enough for 1...
  5. SilverBird

    Although it has been confirmed to not appear in Terraria...

    (inb4 hate spam) Will Cthulhu be in Terraria Otherworld? it IS an alternate dimension...
  6. SilverBird

    A small change to Silver armor

    Silver changes color when exposed to poison. So, what if, during the duration in which a player wearing silver armor, the armor turned black instead of green for the duration?
  7. SilverBird

    Casual What would you NOT want for Christmas?

    Hello, I am not Santa, I would not want to be SANTA. So, what would you NOT want for Christmas? I wouldn't want an RC helicopter, they always last for at max: 12 seconds.
  8. SilverBird

    PC Five Nights at Freddy's discussion thread

  9. SilverBird

    What do you think Terraria edibles taste like, and which tastes the best?

    ^what the title says This can be Potions, food, and even random objects such as this: "looks tasty!" even mobs/npcs like bunnies!
  10. SilverBird

    PC Consumable Grappling hooks

    Consumable Grappling Hooks: an early-game, single-use grappling hook crafted with 1 hook and 15 rope=5 by hand has a VERY fast speed and VERY long range (like a bat hook+a festive hook) adds a use for hooks, and can be used throughout the game but really useful for early-game when you are...
  11. SilverBird

    PC Bubbles in a bottle

    Found in ocean chests allow you to triple jump, but at the height of cloud in a bottle. allows speedy upward movement in water. can be made into a ballon(+horseshoe)
  12. SilverBird

    PC Cyborg sold items

    The cyborg is a nice npc, may even help with the laser ruler thing.... he also sells a nice ranged weapons and rockets, but.. not much else. and i had a few ideas today while reading a book that is totally off the topic of sci-fi Accessories: Aiming Drone automatically (though inaccurately)...
  13. SilverBird

    Visual Media Awesome videos

    (not entirely sure if this is the right part of the forums) what are some awesome videos you have seen, on youtube, twitch, etc.?
  14. SilverBird

    Lihzahrd temple enemies.

    wow, two enemies.... that's REALLY lacking... also: it is FAR too easy to speedrun through the temple by hugging the roof with wings and a grapple, so... why not have a caster? similar to dungeon casters, but tries to slow you down. fires a line of 12-14 bolts of energy that deal high damage...
  15. SilverBird

    What is your favorite forum style?

    Basically everything is in the poll and title, i prefer underground for now.
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