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    PC Foundry&Alchemy Texture Pack

    Yes. 1/1/2021. Happy new year. Creative content team. Too many new content update. and add-ons. <3 and look very good. ex: 4 new pillar. ice queen.... too many...
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    PC Foundry&Alchemy Texture Pack

    ~1k download in 4 days <3. Thanks you for awesome texture pack. Momo.
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    PC How Do I Fix My Campfires Turning Pink Every 2 Seconds?

    yes. see 1: you file animation: have 4 step you can design +4 step next to fix pink for 'empty' 2 seconds. 2: original file in game: have 8 step.
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    PC How Do I Fix My Campfires Turning Pink Every 2 Seconds?

    Tiles_215 is original file i upload. one campfire type: 8 step for animation. i dont think it have 'Glow' relative file. or can you upload texture pack file let me see?
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    How to find the usage of Glow Sprites

    maybe Glow_276. i see 7 eyes and 1 other. 👌
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    Slime flying mount.

    Replace for Cute Fishron. :dryadtongue:. Flying animation:
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    Melster's Minecraft Texture Pack

    10/10 for Queen Bee, Twins, King Slime, Golem, Duke fish. :pinky:
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    Mythical Wyvern

    you can see guide at bottom of Spoiler: Mythical Wyvern. yep. Slim Player & Female NPC Texture packs by Zilem. perfect design. i always play with 'slim player' i dont known how her can work with 500 - 1000 files modify. this is huge process
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    PC [Request]

    1. go to wiki page and get ID, Project... example: 2. Use TConvert to convert xnb to png file and search with ID item 3. Open png with photographic softwares. and replace it with new design. example: 4. after complete design. export image and package all following construct of texture pack...
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    Blue Fairy over Flickerwick

    amazing light.:pinky:
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    PC Horrible bosses pack

    nice idea about slime mount. 🤣🙏
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    Clockwork Sniper Rifle

    :joy: no.
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    [Resolved] solar pillar won't show texture

    solar pillar: Glow_162 for glowing :joy: and NPC_517
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    Clockwork Sniper Rifle

    You're welcome. @ DrAllan
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    Mythical Wyvern

    Updated Mythical Wyvern Mountm i dont known how to replace Attachments file and still keep views count. i deleted and add new file :sigh:
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    Mythical Wyvern

    Released: Mythical Wyvern Mount ✅
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    Plastic Terraria, make you egame look more simple!

    :pinky: i like dirt, desert and cactus. beautiful design.
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    How banner texture work between two texture pack?

    Hi everybody. today i mod banner from file Tiles_91.png and have problem: texture pack A: mod banner file: Tiles_91.png with Wyvern enemy. (place on top of texture pack list) texture pack B: _______________________________ goblin enemy (place on bottom of texture pack list) and play game. i...
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