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    Make Stardust armor increase your maximum amount of sentries

    As the endgame Summoner set, it would make sense that it would give bonuses to both regular minions and sentries. I think the amount of extra sentry slots should be the same as minions, so 5 extra sentries.
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    tModLoader Tremor - Soul of Fight not dropping?

    So I've fought the Dark Emperor boss from the Tremor mod around 10 times now in Normal Mode, and have not gotten a single Soul of Fight from any of them. The wiki says it's a guaranteed drop, and the Recipe Browser also says they drop from him. I hacked its treasure bag, and that also had a...
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    PC Spriting Help

    So I'm creating a mod with a musket-type weapon. However, in game, the player is holding it from the very edge of it, which looks unrealistic. What is going on here? I also have the files below if you want to take a look at it.
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    Trash Cans destroy items every 24 hours

    This is a pretty simple suggestion, but simply it makes it so that any item you put in any trashcan in any part of the world will be trashed everytime the game reaches 4:30 AM. It's enough time for a player to change their mind about trashing it, and it makes the trashcan be a trashcan.
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    Disable Achievements on Servers

    On multiplayer, especially on SSC and free item servers, usually a lot of people are fighting bosses and events you haven't encountered yet (which still count towards their achievement even if you haven't dealt any damage) , or you could just grab a Terrarian for example and boom a free...
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