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    Make Stardust armor increase your maximum amount of sentries

    As the endgame Summoner set, it would make sense that it would give bonuses to both regular minions and sentries. I think the amount of extra sentry slots should be the same as minions, so 5 extra sentries.
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    tModLoader No Boss Music

    But you can set your music volume to 0%?
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    tModLoader Better Terraria Mod

    Hmm, this looks interesting. I felt the mechs in expert were a bit plain.
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    Joke Terraria Suggestions

    Lifeless Mode. All boss and enemy life/damage/defense increased by Graham's Number to the power of a Googolplexian times TREE(3). Bosses don't drop anything besides a special Lifeless Mode-exclusive item, which always negatively impact the player. King Slime - Unroyal Gel - King Slimes spawn...
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    The 3000th post wins

    554 edit: wait no, 555
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    Give the Meowmere a Tooltip

    It's kind of the equivalent of ruining a joke by explaining it, so I think it should remain without a tooltip.
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    tModLoader Expanded Sentries

    This is realy great. I love mods that focus on specific things like this rather than trying to be the next Calamity.
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    tModLoader karentookthekids mod

    So you fight karen and she drops the kids?
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    The 3000th post wins

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    tModLoader The Thorium Mod

    I have full Rhapsodist armor with the Soloist helmet, as well as multiple bard accessories, but for some reason The Set and Edge of Imagination aren't affected by damage modifiers?
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    New summoning accessory pre-Hardmode?

    yeah. I've seen mods use Living Trees as a theme for summoner related items, so maybe they could do something like that really earlygame.
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    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    That would be the most controversial thing they've done, probably. Many people would be overwhelmed with the new content.
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    Bosses - Easiest to Hardest

    Eater of Worlds Skeletron King Slime Eye of Cthulhu Brain of Cthulhu Wall of Flesh Plantera Queen Bee Golem Moon Lord Skeletron Prime Destroyer The Twins Lunatic Cultist Duke Fishron
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    tModLoader [Released WIP] The Split Mod

    Yeah, I did kinda like the ice cubes. It's fine to remove them if there was a limitation in the coding because of it, or something like that.
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    tModLoader The Thorium Mod

    Another bug I found - The Aromatic Bulb can be used anywhere, meaning that in can also spawn Enraged Planteras.
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    tModLoader Statue Mobs Give Drops

    Does this work with modded items too?
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