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  1. PrinceMath

    PC SHARE YOUR MAP SEED [PC 1.3.4 & beyond] master medium corruption, pretty ordinary world until i found out theres 2 chests in the right ocean and both of them contain water walking boots.
  2. PrinceMath

    PC texture POG

    golem is perfection yo
  3. PrinceMath

    Terraria 1.3.5 Launches on Nintendo Switch Today!

    Nice, Nintendo Switch terraria players are finally getting some love!
  4. PrinceMath

    Mac black lens help!

    guys! i got a black len! finally! thank you all for the great help!
  5. PrinceMath

    Mac black lens help!

    ok i will. hope that rngesus spares me of that grinding.
  6. PrinceMath

    Mac black lens help!

    i have. i held a water candle, a battle potion for the entire night and i tried on a new moon as well, no luck.
  7. PrinceMath

    Mac black lens help!

    i have farmed so much and i still gotten none yet. ill try farming on the next few nights.
  8. PrinceMath

    Mac black lens help!

    ok so im doing an expert summoner run now, currently in hard mode and im going to beat twins now. i have been grinding black lens for ever, and i still never get one, killed 250 demon eyes and still not a single one, the wiki says 1/100 so i should have 2 now. i also tried having battle,water...
  9. PrinceMath

    a bit.

    a bit.
  10. PrinceMath

    Mobile Drax has a chance to be found in shadow chests?

    the mechs in mobile are very easy because you can use sharanga and auto fire, same with plantera.
  11. PrinceMath


  12. PrinceMath

    Mobile Drax has a chance to be found in shadow chests?

    yeh, sharanga really wrecks plantera, sad to see it go. but draxes on the other around, just make hardmode mining easier, all u need to do is mine titanium/adamantite and mithryl/orichalcum and your already going to prepare for the bosses.
  13. PrinceMath

    Mobile Drax has a chance to be found in shadow chests?

    rare? seriously? back when i played mobile i get these stupid draxes all the time, to be honest, when i got it the first time i used it to my advantage and skipped mining crap for pickaxes. but now and then i keep seeing them in shadow chests, it gets me triggered each time to get a HM thing...
  14. PrinceMath

    PC SHARE YOUR MAP SEED [PC 1.3.4 & beyond]

    1376257561 on the west is a living tree with a hole and a room, if u go to the hole u will find an easy cavern entrance with hermes, if u pass the desert theres a pyramid with the bottle. pretty cool and neat seed right?
  15. PrinceMath

    What did you do to the Guide?

    i killed alot of wall of fleshes, ahem* i meant guides.
  16. PrinceMath

    Prince's Guide to Expert Plantera

    oh dear, those weapons r post plantera except for the chloro and inferno fork. so here for melees: turtle armor death sickle any accessories is great. circle plantera while shotting with death sickle, on 2nd phase is where times go south, now let her chase you and keep firing the sickle to...
  17. PrinceMath

    What is your swear-by-it weapon?

    Hardmode: these 2 weapons are what made hardmode a piece of cake. the AMAROK and the SHADOWFLAME KNIFE the amarok is capable of dealing great damage at a distance, not to mention its debuff, and also you can hit enemies from afar with it. the knife has 2 advantages that make it attractive, 1...
  18. PrinceMath

    Mac Guide should get some more love

    the game will determine the gear i guess.
  19. PrinceMath

    Mac Guide should get some more love

    oh i forgot. here they are: not ready for prime " you arent ready for the next boss, try to improve your accessories and armor" ready for prime " you're ready for the next boss, gather 3 soul of nights and lights, 6 iron bars and 30 bones for the summoning item. " ready for the twins " you...
  20. PrinceMath

    My ideas on killing dungeon guardian

    yeh u can. also i have another way of killing DG without endgame weapons. you will need any fast firing gun, megashark will do with crystal bullets. first go to depth 0 and carefully add a teleporter that teleports you to the entrance. now go below 0 depth and run to the teleporter, activate...
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