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  1. Masterfull_

    Pixel Art Masterfull 'newbie' Pixel art

    I will do any pixel art for my free time. Maybe take some time.. Go on and request :)
  2. Masterfull_

    Any Special Event?

    What the heck with my pet? its creepy tho!! :/
  3. Masterfull_

    No Terraria Trial ver?

    I just noticed that the free/trial/IAP version of Terraria Mobile was removed from the Google Play Store. This is the version I currently have installed on my Android devices. I purchased the IAP to permanently enable the full version of the game.How to updates to it soon? If it doesn't get...
  4. Masterfull_

    Mobile Can someone help me to creating those?

    Can anyone please make applications such as multi_terraria for android users? I ask for your help all. Thanks Terraria Forum ;)
  5. Masterfull_

    What is about Guides dialogue?

    When I talk to The Guides just now, he says something about newyears and special weaponary from demolitionatist. What is that weapon? I think he also saying something abt the merchant.
  6. Masterfull_

    How to use canon?

    Refer to the topic. Anybody know how to use it?
  7. Masterfull_

    Terraria Android 1.2 bugs

    List of bug when Im playing: 1) Lizhard door can opened by bomb? 2) New item and weapon cant be reforge 3) Black screen after using magic mirror 4) Teleporter cant used 5) Truffle not moved in 6) Crash often after 30 min 7) Spawn rates are too low. I cant find any voodoo demon in hell biome 8)...
  8. Masterfull_

    Mobile Terraria Mobile Mod and texture packs

    Recently, I only see terraria pc has texture pack and mod. Why mobile doesnt have mod like adding new bosses and item. It will be more awesome because minecraft also used mod to make the game not borring. I hope there will allow people to make texture pack and mod one day :)
  9. Masterfull_

    Did you guys see that?!

    Did you guys see on the screenshot at googleplaystore? Terraria mobile 1.2 have red wings! But I cant even launched or played the game :( . Anyone know any idea how to open tne game in terraria android? Im in Galaxy tab 7 plus
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