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  1. Yeahfrick

    tModLoader Latorm Rage beta release! / ChangeLog Page

    Feel free to use my sprites BUT one condition GIVE CREDITS if you use my sprites and you dont credit me i will get down your post etc. Latorm Rage Downloaded Link (the mod browser its giving me a error so i cant uploaded it there) About this mod: Latorm Rage its a "big" mod made by one person...
  2. Yeahfrick

    my mod gives a error

    im trying to make a bag that my boss drops but it appears a error will building [18:39:15] [54/ERROR] [tML]: Compiling LatormRage.XNA.dll failed with 1 errors and 1 warnings Error: C:\Users\Name\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mod Sources\LatormRage\Items\Bags\bag1.cs(44,44) : error...
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