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  1. White_Shadow

    Get rid of legacy bugs!

    I am in total confusion as to why legacy bugs even exist. It is obviously an easy fix, as the devs already fixed it on another console. They know exactly how to fix it, and yet leave it sitting there, under the excuse of "legacy issues". Please stop this, its infuriating when you find a bug and...
  2. White_Shadow

    What was the update you first played Terraria in?

    Mine was 1.0.5. I was so excited when they added hardmode, then I stopped playing for a while, then came back for 1.2 and have been playing consistently ever since. Which did you start in?
  3. White_Shadow

    Switch Looking for a Fish Finder

    I also have a lot of post-Golem gear and pillar fragments if you want those instead. No Duke Fishron loot but I can beat him if you want his loot.
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