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  1. ajidot

    Other Art How to make a shoulder dance

    Ello! On this thread, I'm going to help you make your own shoulder dance avatars! something like these : There are 12 frames for the whole animation. which is ... 3 for middle->left, 3 for left->middle, 3 for middle->right, 3 for right->middle ...and the exciting part is that you can make...
  2. ajidot

    Drawings & Paintings ☆Terraria School☆

    Terraria School Enjoy~ (read from top to bottom, left to right)
  3. ajidot

    Ask away to Ajidot

    Got questions, guys? :)
  4. ajidot

    Ajidot's Comics

    This thread only contains comics from me, Ajidot. First one starrting @Milt69466 [/spoiler]
  5. ajidot

    Terraria Arts & Comics By Ajidot

    banner by @dartmorf Hi, every Terrarians! My name's Ajidot who loves scribbling stuff. This thread will mainly include my arts and comics about Terraria! Hope you guys enjoy this! DRAWINGS COMICS REQUESTS Creation Compendium [/spoiler]...
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