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  1. SrFatTabby

    My random art idk why

    I recently did an art spree where I drew a lot cus why not Here is what I came out with also ima do another one soon One of the best bosses yes I only wear this customization in the game Okay, there is one major thing EA got right in PVZBFN, which is all of the characters have so...
  2. SrFatTabby

    Pixel Art Is mah Pixel art gud?

    Hi. I have made a pixel art for final boss in who knows (besides me) what. Here U go. (remember to rate it after seeing it) It's called EXTREME CHAOS okey, i'm done.
  3. SrFatTabby

    Terraria Fails (Comics)

    making a thread about terraria comix. here is the first one! Title: "Pink Chlorophyte" Character Roles: Main: DUKY1, Side: Plantera :joy: :joy:
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