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  1. Caedus116

    Xbox One Grey paint glitch

    Example picture: grey paint on Hardened Sandstone It only happens on specific blocks from what I can find, primarily sandstone and nature blocks. Black dye also does the same causing the block to become basically transparent. Hope this gets fixed as building it a pain while this happens :/
  2. Caedus116

    Xbox One Is it possible to re-create the Abyss from calamity in Vanilla?

    I'm wanting to re-create the Abyss from Calamity on Xbox as there's sadly no option to have mods . I know it'll be a massive project but I've wanted to do this for a long time. I'm trying to figure out how long it'd take. I have a to-do list and what I'd need resource wise. However I'm still...
  3. Caedus116

    My first (Creative Build).

    I've never quite been into doing creations like this, so I'm still new to this sorta stuff. Any advice or critiques are welcome. Hope to get better with each build!
  4. Caedus116

    PC Custom Armor/Mod info needed:

    Hey there. Ok so for a few months I've wanted to create a mod or atleast texture pack. I've always had this one armor concept and I even have a model of it. My main problem is trying to animate it (aka the arms and legs). I'll figure it out but eventually, but for now I'm trying to figure out...
  5. Caedus116

    Xbox One Console Keyboard

    I used to play on PC and switched to Console and and still used to PC more. Is there anyway that I could setup a keyboard to swap out the controller?
  6. Caedus116

    Xbox One Item Drop-off

    I will be online during 4-12pm PST dropping off items such as (Moon Lord Treasure Bags, Rare Drops, Weapons, and Armor) Send me a message or request to my Xbox gamertag at: Orian116. No trading needed I will drop off any item for free. I will be dropping off specific items like Dev Sets for...
  7. Caedus116

    Xbox One Will Trade for Last Prism

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