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  1. Xiarno

    PC Reset in-game achievement ?

    Since achievements are now in-game, I would like to reset them to be able to have the pleasure of doing them again. I am NOT talking about the Steam achievements, only the achievements in-game. I guess it's probably possible since when 1.4 was released, I always had the "breach the temple" hint...
  2. Xiarno

    PC Terraria very difficult to open since 1.4.1

    To be really honest, I have no idea why is that. I launch Terraria through Steam and it just doesn't open. Since 1.4.1, it almost NEVER open the first time. It just autoclose when it's not open and I need to launch it again. This take forever. The only way I've found to speed this is to go into...
  3. Xiarno

    **REPORTED** Game not opening in fullscreen

    This has been my issue since the launch of 1.4 and is still like that. Keep in mind that when I mean "fullscreen", I don't mean borderless. I mean fullscreen when you click on the square icon at the top right of the windows. Before 1.4, it always launch fullscreen. But with 1.4, I always need to...
  4. Xiarno

    PC Mod that allow you to sell your whole inventory at once ?

    Is there a mod that allow you to sell your whole inventory at once ? Excluding fav'ed stuff, of course.
  5. Xiarno

    PC I just saved and quit while in multiplayer.

    EDIT : I just noticed that I'm in the wrong forums, but I don't know how to move it. So, can an mod please move it if necessary ? Thanks, and sorry about that. Well, I was only playing multi with a friend, then I save and quit, and... this. So, yeah... I don't know if it happen all the...
  6. Xiarno

    PC Set sea, there is new land to discover !

    So, this idea is pretty big, but I think it's a cool one, check that. So, first thing come first, craft a boat, place it in the sea, and set sail to other land to discover ! So basicaly, my idea is that you can craft a boat, place it on the sea, get on it, and sail to another land. Seems...
  7. Xiarno

    PC Interesting mannequin mechanics.

    Last edit : "29 may 2017 20:52" So, allow me to be direct. I've seen that with the new 1.3.6 update coming along, the mannequin win new tweaks, like placing accessory's on them. That seems really cool. But I think we can go even further. Story first : My friend and I were talking about that...
  8. Xiarno

    3DS [Showcase] 3DS Hoik, my discovery.

    Edit of 2018-02-04 This been so long since I've updated this thread, so let's me go through it. I've found new way of doing thing and a sad news unfortunately :/...
  9. Xiarno

    PC Achievements

    P.S : I don't know if this is the right place. Tell me if I'm wrong and tell me where it should go, I will move it. Thanks =D So my topic here will be about achievement, explain very simply and quickly going slowly as example Minecraft. In Minecraft, has every shot you start a world you can...
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