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  1. AaroSA

    Pressure Plate + Dart Trap loop to possibly replace hoik engines

    Good day to all of you. I'm fairly new here, so tell me if I need to add something more to this post. With the new projectile pressure plate, you can make a dart trap trigger itself repeatedly. This system is built at the minimum distance of 150 blocks (300 feet for the sake of GPS), so the...
  2. AaroSA

    AaroSA's Random Builds

    Hi, all! I've made some random buildings, and I thought I'd share them with you! I'll update this thread whenever I make something new I want to post. Edit: 6th of December 2015, added the underground base. I hope you enjoyed them, and feedback is appreciated.
  3. AaroSA

    WIP Harder Bosses - Something to do after Moon Lord

    So, you just defeated the Moon Lord, the final boss of the game, and you got one of the weapons and some luminite to make the end-game armors. But what now? You could farm Moon Lord for the rest of the items and armors, but that isn't really as challenging. He IS the final boss, so adding whole...
  4. AaroSA

    The Journal

    Alright, I cant think of a catchy first sentence for this suggestion, so I'll just get straight to the point. This suggestion is inspired by what @Grand Paladin Tyrux said in the "What would you like to have in Terraria: Otherworld?". I thought that the idea sounded cool and expanded it a bit...
  5. AaroSA

    Bombs scale to pickaxe power

    Mining with bombs is just brilliant. It's fast, fun, and you get to blow up stuff. Sadly, in later stages, you will encounter ores and blocks you cant blow up, and you have to stick to the more slower mining (except if you have a drill mount or something else like that). But I suggest a way to...
  6. AaroSA

    Shadow Assassin - New mob + equipment

    Alright, first of all, this is my first suggestion, and if this is the wrong section for this, tell me. I'm still somewhat newbish with things about this forum. Currently, melee has the lowest amount of weapons to get from post-plantera dungeon. Mages have their Inferno Fork, Shadowbeam Staff...
  7. AaroSA

    Coin hoik?

    I made a money farm sometime ago. It's nothing special, just a huge amount of traps killing everything in the room and hoiks moving the drops to me. The only problem is that money seems to not be affected by the hoik. Does money need a special hoik to move it?
  8. AaroSA

    quickthinkofsomethingpunny... Hi

    Hello. I've been mostly just lurking in the forums without even making a proper introduction, so here's one, finally. I bought terraria on steam near the start of this year. I got some money on steam and it was recommended by a bunch of friends. So, I bought it. I played some sandbox games...
  9. AaroSA

    Weird world generation

    I recently started hardmode in one of my worlds and went to smash some demon altars. Saw something that was somewhat silly, so I deciced to share it with you Yes, that's the Hallow spawning on a natural Crimson. Has something like this happened to you anytime?
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