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  1. The Kyle Man296

    Mobile Larger Worlds Coming to Mobile Terraria & a Status Update

    I don't think the 3DS could handle bigger worlds
  2. The Kyle Man296

    Mobile Larger Worlds Coming to Mobile Terraria & a Status Update

    Hopefully we can get snow biomes AND deserts in the same world naturally
  3. The Kyle Man296

    Other Art Terraria Desktop Wallpapers

    Great! I have downloaded all those wallpapers and put them on a random+infinite loop!
  4. The Kyle Man296

    Terraria: Otherworld Terraria: Otherworld - An Update

    The hype is over 9000, can't wait for the game to be released! Just one question, will we be able to go to other worlds and still have the same inventory like in the current Terraria?
  5. The Kyle Man296

    Xbox One Lihzard door duplication glitch

    I found a lihzard door dupe glitch where if you remove the blocks below and above a locked lihzard door with a picksaw, and then place and remove any block directly next to it, you should have 9-13 lihzard doors in your inventory, I found this after trying to mine away some of my temple
  6. The Kyle Man296

    Sprites A Large Hardmode Underworld Expansion (With Concept Art)

    I think the lava immunity/healing is a bit overpowered, but understandable as they had to avoid lots in the fight
  7. The Kyle Man296

    3DS Terraria for Nintendo 3DS is Here!

    Anyone know where to get a Nintendo e-shop card in the UK? I would buy the game but I can't find one anywhere (game is £16)
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