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  1. Foxvoid

    Rainbow Cursor For Mobile/Console

    Instead of the Rainbow Cursor being pc exclusive, you can adapt it to mobile by having the targeting system be rainbow, and on console the targeting system and the actual cursor can be rainbow.
  2. Foxvoid

    Dark Green Solution

    Ammo used by the Clem-whatever to spread the jungle biome. it's just a resprite of the solutions, and turns dirt into mud, and grasses into jungle grass. It's needed in the game because the world evils corrupt the jungle and there's no way to turn it back, unless you want dig holes every couple...
  3. Foxvoid

    Early Pre-Hardmode Summoner Armor

    Summoner needs more then one set in prehardmode, and I believe I have made a balanced set. The feather set, crafted with 45 feathers. Feather Headset: Requires 13 feathers, crafted with an anvil. Gives 5% more summon damage. Feather Bodysuit: Requires 17 feathers, crafted with an anvil. Gives 5%...
  4. Foxvoid

    Contacts and Tanning Beds

    If you make a Mirror (out of glass and gold/platnium etc.) and place it down you can change your eye color, or have contacts be sold by the stylist or a new npc, and change them using that. If you craft/find/buy a Tanning Bed (2x3) you will be able to change your skin color.
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