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  1. Xman101

    Xman101's Playthrough Shenanigans

    Xman101's Playthrough Shenanigans Hello, everyone, and welcome to my hub of playthrough shenanigans! You may recognise me from the Gravity Challenged Playthrough, and now the fun begins again! The newest playthrough is here, and it's the Expert Melee challenge! See the first episode here: See...
  2. Xman101

    Wings Progression Overhaul

    Let's face it. The current wings progression is broken. Case and point - Frozen Wings, amongst many other examples. The point if this suggestion is to rectify the current problem that faces wings progression. I will also include the wings' current stats for comparison. All current wings stats...
  3. Xman101

    A guy and some talking objects want questions.

    So seeing as these threads are all the rage right now, I might as well make one of these for myself. I will answer most questions thrown at me, but I will NOT answer the following: - Personal details: I have a thing about privacy over the internet. - Anything I would be uncomfortable answering...
  4. Xman101

    Midas Mode Mk. 2

    Hi there. Some of you may remember the old 'Midas Mode' idea by Tuxlar (if he has a TCF account, please inform me). Well, I am here to bring it back for 1.2. (The above banner's a bit of a place holder, as it is old, if anyone could update it, that would be great.) With 1.2 adding much more...
  5. Xman101

    The Gravity-Challenged Terrarian

    The Gravity-Challenged Terrarian Hello viewers, and welcome to The Gravity-Challenged Terrarian - TCF edition. With the release of the new forums, your favourite show has migrated accordingly! If you missed previous episodes, they can be found on this thread HERE. [[EDIT 16/7/2016: TO has been...
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