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  1. Trekko727

    tAPI Trekko727's Guns Mod

    Hello fellow Terrarians! I present to my Gun Mod! This mod works for tAPI for Terraria Thanks to Shockah, berberborscing, DivermanSam for helping me with the C# file and Loki because I wasnt sure about the rules so I asked him! This mod project is being developed by: Trekko727 -...
  2. Trekko727

    PC Game Launcher cannot install on my computer.

    I have Terraria (from steam) version as expected. I know where to install Game Launcher when it said: "Locate Terraria Assembly (.exe) once I clicked at where its located, of course the executable file, Terraria.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Terraria\Terraria.exe Btw...
  3. Trekko727

    Hello fellow Terrarians! It's Trekko727.

    Its my first time here because I bought the game 2 days ago and it was cheap. (Autumn sale was $2.10 in my country, 80% off. Actual price was $10.50 ;)) I have seen many cool things that inspired me to make mods!! I want to share my mod and maybe guide people when I have the knowledge of a...
  4. Trekko727

    Help! Cannot install Game Launcher because Game Launcher file cannot be found in Save-data folder.

    Tried so many times installing Game Launcher with different settings at the point where it says: Select a valid Terraria Assembly (.exe) Location of Terraria Assembly (i.e. Terraria.exe or TerrariaOriginalBackup.exe): instinctly, I placed this: C:\Program Files...
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