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  1. Frenzy Moon

    Wavebank Wavebank --- Local Compendium

    The Star Wavebanks of current time is: Xenoblade Chronicles Wavebank! Created by Xter7856, he has contributed not to this thread, but a different thread of mine to share with others, this Action RPG, with story, characters, and a high ranking video game, this one will keep you company in your...
  2. Frenzy Moon

    Casual Major Tarot Arcana ( Quiz ).

    As the title says, this is just for fun, if you are unfamiliar with these types of activities, you answer a series of questions and are calculated, giving you the result. Here is the quiz: http://www.quotev.com/quiz/5739130/Your-Major-Arcana-The-Social-Link-you-establish-unto-your-friends/ Even...
  3. Frenzy Moon

    Virtuous Wanderer Q&A

    Hey there, how are you doing? I'm the Virtuous Wanderer ( VW for short ), and i decided to make this Q&A, because of the curiosity that will lead to my doom. Got a question? I'll try my best to answer. Here's some stuff to keep in mind: Don't ask things that are too personal , I'll only...
  4. Frenzy Moon

    Short Story Wanderer the Bounty Hunter and his amazing adventures

    Beginning of Corruption Part Index *DISCONTINUED* Bounty System Prologue: The Bounty of Helena's Chlorophyte Warhammer ( what am I doing ) Hello: Wanderer Hello: Helena Under a starry night, A vicious bounty hunter has taken up a new target, one that has such a high price and is paid in...
  5. Frenzy Moon

    Wavebank Lollipop's Wavebanks

    Updated to work with the latest version of Terraria. Welcome! To Frenzy Moon's Frenzy party of Wavebanks! Wanna change things up? Spice up your playthrough of Terraria? Maybe you're getting tired of hearing the regular Terraria tracks over and over? Or playing songs from a playlist just doesn't...
  6. Frenzy Moon

    Damn meased to pleet ya!

    Or is it " Nice to meet you, man!"? Eh! Hello there again! As my super amazing floating call card says, I'm A Wanderer! And i do just that, wander! and other stuff i guess. Well, enough about the pleasantries! I'm either called Wanderer, or Raven or Vulture, whatever floats your boat! I've been...
  7. Frenzy Moon

    Pixel Art A Wanderer draws near!

    Hello there! Welcome to my humble store! There are plenty of things for sale, and come in their finest quality. Who am i, you ask? I am but a Wanderer that sells! You could call me a traveling merchant that's more useful! All my wares come from a factory, what's the name? I Dunno! I'm just...
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