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  1. CSz

    Mobile Purchase faster items

    I noticed that the speed of buying items is slower, compared to PC, would you have a chance to make buying items or even crafting faster in a future update? Thanks. :)
  2. CSz

    Mobile Two laser eye (optic staff)

    I was in the dungeon killing some monsters, when I went to invoke the twin (optic staff), but instead of leaving a laser eye and another mouth, two laser eyes came out, not that it interferes, of course.
  3. CSz

    Mobile Why The Wizard Does not Sell Music Box?

    Why The Music Box Does Not Show Up On Sale (Wizard) ;(
  4. CSz

    Mobile King Slime

    King Slime This Giving Iron Pick This Normal ?
  5. CSz

    Torch On Water ? (Bug)

    Torch On Water ? WTF Please Resolve This Bug!
  6. CSz

    Mobile Terraria 1.3 Please ;_;

    Please Terraria The Creator And 505 Games Cast Logo The INTAL Monthly Newsletter From Terraria Mobile 1.3 ; _; ( Do not Be Rushing So I Know News )
  7. CSz

    Mobile Mimics not appear

    <-------- He never appeared to me ;)
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