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  1. Sapharan

    tModLoader Legend of Terraria 3

    [THIS MOD IS ABANDONED, IT WILL NOT BE UPDATED. WORKING ON A NEW ONE, PLEASE REFER TO DISCORD CHANNEL] Visit official Discord channel: https://discord.gg/gNN47vD Hello everyone. My name is Sapharan. I'm interested in games, legends and mythologies, books, movies and some other stuff. But in...
  2. Sapharan

    tAPI Sapharan's Nifty Stuff

    IF YOU ARE TRYING TO CONVERT ANY OF MY MODS TO tMODLOADER, PLEASE STOP YOUR WORK. I WILL CONVERT THEM AND UPDATE MYSELF IN THE FUTURE. THANK YOU. Hello everyone. My name is Sapharan. I'm not a super hero in free time, and I have not been Hogwarts student. I'm just a normal guy... Wait. I...
  3. Sapharan

    PC Ore and Bar value research. What's worth to sell?

    Hello, I recently made a little bit of research for my modification. And i found pretty interesting stuff. Every one tells that it's best to mine up ores and sell ores, instead of bars. But is this true? Let's play Mythbusters here. From my research i came up with few results. It's better to...
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