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Search results

  1. (slow_terrarian)

    PC WTB 100 Chlorophyte bars

    nvmd i figured out that i can join you
  2. (slow_terrarian)

    PC WTB 100 Chlorophyte bars

    Could i join your world or you join mine so we can talk there?
  3. (slow_terrarian)

    PC WTB 100 Chlorophyte bars

    I cant even get to them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. (slow_terrarian)

    PC WTB 100 Chlorophyte bars

    I dont use discord..
  5. (slow_terrarian)

    PC WTB 100 Chlorophyte bars

    Steam isnt letting me send messages
  6. (slow_terrarian)

    PC WTB 100 Chlorophyte bars

    lol #nohomo
  7. (slow_terrarian)

    PC WTB 100 Chlorophyte bars

    YAY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
  8. (slow_terrarian)

    PC WTB 100 Chlorophyte bars

    For anything you want i guess.
  9. (slow_terrarian)

    PC WTB Snow Globe

    I can do a snowglobe, what do you have to trade?
  10. (slow_terrarian)

    Mobile Anyone give me new itemss in 1.4?

    I have the stuff...
  11. (slow_terrarian)

    Mobile I want to buy

  12. (slow_terrarian)

    PS4 End game material/ weapons

    I can do full Solar armor with whatever moon lord dropped weapon you want besides the meowmere, I also have any other moon lord material you need.
  13. (slow_terrarian)

    PC WTB 120 Chlorophyte Bars

    I need the Drill Containment Unit. We can decide what the trade will be. I can make it worth your while. I will respond as quickly as possible.
  14. (slow_terrarian)

    PC I Would Be Willing To Trade Anything You Need For A Meowmere Or A HorseMansBlade

    I cant do the Elf Vanity Set but I can get you the summoning items.
  15. (slow_terrarian)

    PC Looking to buy an Ice Sickle

    Lol srry...
  16. (slow_terrarian)

    PC Looking to buy an Ice Sickle

    I can do that. contact me at [email protected]
  17. (slow_terrarian)

    PC Looking for Fishron Wings

    I can get you them for 50 gold.
  18. (slow_terrarian)

    PC WTB Meowmere and Horse Mans Blade

    Never mind. I received the items form someone.
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