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  1. NickIAm

    Please give us ability to play accords that we chose and don't get random.

    At least for Stellar tune, Rain song, Ivy, and The Axe. This is the last update, as you said. It would be really nice to have something like that in the end.
  2. NickIAm

    Working as Designed Summon disappears on damage income

    All these potions + bast statue + Campfire + Heart Lamp + Stinger Necklace + incoming damage = losing all summoned minions (now imagine resummon them during boss fight)!
  3. NickIAm

    Explosive bunnies

    You can get a lot of explosive bunnies from statue in "For the worthy" seed.
  4. NickIAm

    Potted bamboos are 3 tiles wide instead of one

    Pretty sure that's a mistake, because visually it takes only 1
  5. NickIAm

    Resolved Not a valid house

    For some reason these rooms became not valid for NPCs. Could someone help? They were valid before.
  6. NickIAm

    My 1.4 base

    So everyone shows their 1.4 bases. Here's my final one: Floating hallowed desert:
  7. NickIAm

    Pirate Invasion + Destroyer

    Second day after defeating WoF. Pirate invasion and Destroyer is coming. Does this game want me dead? T__T
  8. NickIAm

    Resolved Revealed map and pylons

    After loosing file where is stored revealed map you will loose access to pylons. You will have to destroy pylons and put them again.
  9. NickIAm

    Camera and graveyard's fog

    You just can't shoot fog with camera when livings creatures are off in options
  10. NickIAm

    **REPORTED** Seagulls in Caves?

    2440 depth btw
  11. NickIAm

    Found a new friend in the hell

    Why Mr. Bunny? Why? Why would you make journey down to the hell...
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