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  1. TheLuigi_101

    PC Capricorn Pc Set

    well , sure and if you have other items im looking for, i would like to buy them too
  2. TheLuigi_101

    PC Capricorn Pc Set

    no , i wanna buy it i can't find stars idk why if its easy for you , we can trade . i can give u 1 plat for each piece , i cant find stars idk why
  3. TheLuigi_101

    PC Trading Any Item For In-Game Money (Super Cheap)

    10 platinum for a bone key or 3 platinum for a capricorn vanity set (Capricorn set)
  4. TheLuigi_101

    PC Capricorn Pc Set

    comment your steam below , offering 1 platinum for each piece of the capricorn set .
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