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  1. Nurdoh

    How to summon Moon Lord with Tshock?

    Help, I can't find a command for it.
  2. Nurdoh

    PC Things I want to buy and offers...

    Hardy Saddle - 10 Platinum Baby Grinch's Mischief Whistle - 20 Platinum Slime Staff - 5 Platinum Arctic Diving Gear - 10 Platinum Fart In A Jar - 1 Platinum GPS - 1 Platinum Sorcerer Emblem - 5 Platinum Hotline Fishing Hook - 10 Platinum EDIT: Raised Offers
  3. Nurdoh

    PC Looking for a Scourge OTC

    Since it seems to be, whenever I make a new world it's always crimson, I am going to make an offer. Mystic Spectre Staff Unpleasant Possessed Hatchet Murderous Keybrand 50 Platinum coins
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