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  1. Moonlight_Fae

    tModLoader Secret Mod : Status + Reveal

    Hello World! My name is Emily and this is my mod. I posted a while ago, asking for some assistance and things sort of got out of hand. I also promised this mod reveal like a week ago, so I am sorry. I am a little busy. Background, though this is heavily inspired by FF, a lot of the Lore and...
  2. Moonlight_Fae

    tModLoader Picklock NPC

    This is a small mod that adds in one town NPC - The Picklock. The idea of this mod is quite simple : Make locked chests less of a hassle. The picklock will spawn in the town once the player has a safe in their inventory (Post Skeletron). Once he spawns in, he sells Golden Keys and Shadow Keys...
  3. Moonlight_Fae

    tModLoader Calling Many Spriters - New Secret Mod, but I need help!

    Hello Terraria community. My name is Emily, and I have taken on the task of making a very ambitious mod. I have been programming for years now, and I have started developing this mod. But I am absolutely awful at spriting, and I need some help. If anyone has any free time to make some sprites...
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