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  1. Iara

    Project: Monster Book and Monster Pets! (Looking for FEEDBACK, and sprite artists)

    Monster Book and Monster Pets! (pending logo) I have always been in love with Digimon, Neopets, Maplestory's familiar system and I am even fond of Pokémon. The idea of getting new pets is appealing to me. I like Terraria's pet system, but I can't help but feel it is underutilised by both the...
  2. Iara

    PC Missing Banners + Extra banner-related content

    I haven't seen any discussion about these in a long while. The following monsters are still missing banners. Nymph, Tim and Doctor Bones all have banners, so there's no excuse for these monsters to not have one: -Baby Slime -Crimtane Bunny -Crimtane Goldish -Vicious Penguin -The Bride -Bee...
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