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  1. Matador

    PC Worm Food on a Stick: A worm mount dropped from the Eater of Worlds

    Just a little thing that I thought of while playing Terraria yesterday. :) Worm Food on a Stick Has a 5%/9.75% to be dropped from the Eater of Worlds (just the final blow that kills the whole boss, not the heads that split) When used, summons a little version of the EoW to ride on! (3...
  2. Matador

    WIP Tower-ful traps, made with Celestial Fragments

    Traps are a bit... boring. (Super) Dart Traps fire darts. Flame Traps spew flames. Spike Ball Traps drop spikes. And Spear Traps stab enemies with spears. Also, Lava. Melts enemies. Boring. Only 5 variants of traps. (excluding Detonator/Boulder traps.) Not much variety, right? There's even two...
  3. Matador

    WIP Bunny Armor: An early-Hardmode armor for Critical Hits and other luck-based stats

    Critical hits can easily be the finishing blow to an enemy. Why settle for 20 when you can have 40? 124 for 248? Critical hits make life easier. Farming too difficult? Need more of an item? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this armor has your back. Crafting ingredients...
  4. Matador

    PC Slimy Armor, a very early-game summoner set

    An early-game armor made by using Gel for people who want to be summoners. (centered around Slime Staff) If players wanted to start summoning early, they could farm for the Slime Staff (or have someone give it to them :joy:) and with the excess Gel that they got, use it for summoning armor! Gel...
  5. Matador

    PC When you throw a grenade/bomb/dynamite at a slime it should swallow it

    And when you kill the said slime it blows up equal to the power of what type of explosive you threw at it. If it had dynamite it'd blow up tiles, same with the bomb. But with a grenade, only an explosion.
  6. Matador

    WIP Slime Ideas Dump Thread

    I love slimes. They're fun enemies. We need more slimes. They're cool. This isn't done. I will still add more slimes. OCEAN SLIME Health: 60 Defense: 16 Contact Damage: 13 Spawns in Ocean biomes Drops: 75, 1-3 Bonuses: Pre-Hardmode Hardmode SKY SLIME Health: 140 Defense: 27 Contact...
  7. Matador

    Some Luminite Consumables

    Hey, just recently, some cool new bars called Luminite Bars were added! Also, a lot new cool consumable effects were added, so why not combine then both? Like shurikens and knives, but better! Luminite consumables! {LUMINITE SHURIKEN} Crafted at: (Ancient Manipulator) Crafting recipe: 50 + 1...
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