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  1. gamingcookie

    Resolved not valid housing?

    i'm building an underwater town from bubble blocks in the ocean this is what the house in question looks like (i know it looks bad i'm not a builder ok) according to the wiki "this is not valid housing" means that there's corruption nearby, but i don't think there could be any here since i have...
  2. gamingcookie

    Can't join in multiplayer

    I try to join my brother, and occasionally it just gets stuck on "Connecting to (his name)" He can join me just fine when this happens Restarting steam doesn't help If it matters, we're on the same wifi
  3. gamingcookie

    Can't join multiplayer

    I'm trying to join my brother's world, but it just says "Connecting to (his name)..." forever.
  4. gamingcookie

    Can't get out of fullscreen

    When I get into the game I'm in fullscreen but the setting says "Go fullscreen" Press it, still fullscreen but now it says "Go windowed" I press that and still nothing changes except that the button now says "Go fullscreen"
  5. gamingcookie

    tModLoader Tmodloader bug I don't know where to put this

    I'm having a bug with tmodloader, when I pressed singleplayer the character I was using changed to the default male, 0 mana and 100 life (I have used a life crystal and a few mana stars) and it doesn't show a name. I can't press the play button with the character either I turned it off and back...
  6. gamingcookie

    Hi I exist now

    Hi! I like Terraria and stuff. I've been playing since 2017 but I've watched people play it long before then, I think 2015 but I'm not sure I made an account like 10 minutes ago or something after I installed tmodloader any mod suggestions? I might just go with Calamity but we'll see
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