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  1. RevanGarcia

    Music Pack The One Game-One Song Project

    Otherworld Dungeon replacement suggestion: The Sentients - Hyper Light Drifter Otherworld Crimson replacement suggestion: Madness Ambient - MADNESS: Project Nexus Otherworld Underground Crimson replacement suggestion: Swamp Zombies - Madness Project Nexus (Classic) Otherworld...
  2. RevanGarcia

    Unleash Your Creativity - Terraria Steam Workshop Support Launches Today!

    YES! IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! Thank you, guys.
  3. RevanGarcia

    Reaper Duke Fishron texture pack

    The blue parts on the standard version are a little bit too dark. It's quite noticeable on the nose. The texture pack is really good though.
  4. RevanGarcia

    tModLoader Endless Escapade

    I am very excited about this mod.
  5. RevanGarcia

    Tweak texture pack

    WOOOOO Yeah baby! That's what I been waiting for!
  6. RevanGarcia

    Tweak texture pack

    I can't wait for the return of the wooden armors.
  7. RevanGarcia


    That's just cursed, man.
  8. RevanGarcia

    tModLoader The Amulet Of Many Minions

    :red: YEAH, SQUIRES!!!
  9. RevanGarcia

    tModLoader Miscellania

    You are not the only one, my friend. My world generation stops at the Ancient Hellforge generation.
  10. RevanGarcia

    tModLoader JereTheJuggler's Custom Generation

    yOOOO The mod updated!!! Those structures look pretty cool!
  11. RevanGarcia

    tModLoader Ancients Awakened (Work in Progress)

    First the TribeTwelve allegations, then the very next day, the Ancients Awakened stuff happens. Welp, time to wait for Wacky NPCs to update, I guess.
  12. RevanGarcia

    tModLoader Academic Mod

    I've been looking for something for far too long. I love it!
  13. RevanGarcia

    tModLoader Terrarchitect

  14. RevanGarcia

    Wavebank Timespinner Wavebank

    This is so cool!
  15. RevanGarcia

    Pixel Art Durrani's Pixel art!

    The armor set at the bottom right of the quoted image is really good. Is it for a mod? If so, which one?
  16. RevanGarcia

    Tweak texture pack

    Are the wooden armors included in the most recent update?
  17. RevanGarcia

    Wacky NPCs Mod

    Oh no, I didn't mean that. You see, you could make this "Captain" work like the Nurse or the Diverman in Thorium Mod. The Captain could have a "Hire a guard" option that would give the player the item to craft the Furniture NPCs (for a price), instead of having a shop like the rest of the NPCs...
  18. RevanGarcia

    Wacky NPCs Mod

    Hey you! Thanks for making this mod, I'm having a lot of fun with the placeable NPCs, they look so good. I can't wait for the next update. Now, let's get into some feedback: The Waitress and the Elf (druid maybe?) are a big yes from me. The Waitress may like the forest and the Tavernkeep. I...
  19. RevanGarcia

    PC Some More Zenith Resprites

    Ok, this is epic.
  20. RevanGarcia

    PC Spectacle Pack

    I hope this get's an update for 1.4
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