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  1. Pegboard

    PC Monolith Accessory Slots

    I for one, like the background of the Celestial Towers, but some of my friends do not like them as much as me, I would like the be able to put monoliths in my vanity/normal accessory slots so I can see the background without causing them an issue.
  2. Pegboard

    WIP Cell Phone Contacting NPCS

    This has probably already been posted, it's a smallish suggestion, Right clicking with the cell phone should bring up a list of NPCs and let you talk to them without going to them which would be quite useful for dryad status updates etc, As for how items would go through the phone? Who knows...
  3. Pegboard

    Move Normal Bosses to Treasure Bag System

    We all know how annoying it is to fight a boss in Multiplayer, and have all the bosses loot taken by one person, If you've played Expert Multiplayer you would know that treasure bags are clientsided, and everyone gets one if they are around when the boss is killed, I'm thinking "why not have...
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