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  1. Clark Higgs

    Few vanity items which the game lacks

    Yesterday I wanted to create a certain image for my character, but I was faced with the fact that the game does not have some style items that would greatly help in customization.. Then I decided to create some sprites of these items and some others using existing sprites. That's what I did: 1...
  2. Clark Higgs

    Problem with long lines of text

    Some languages (Russian, Polish, maybe etc.) have problems with long lines of text: Chest menu for example: Text is highlighted too far, almost in the middle of the cell. Because of this, you can accidentally do sorting when you don't need it. Please, fix it..
  3. Clark Higgs

    Laser Drill like musical instrument

    Hi all! I just noticed that now the Laser Drill got a sound. And I got an idea - What if there is a different sound, depending on the laser range? If the laser beam is long - high note, if short - low note. Sound of a laser can be similar to the sound of a theremin, for example. We need...
  4. Clark Higgs

    All ores in one world

    Hi! This is an alternate thread of my other suggestion: Ores choice As it became known, there is a special seed of the world - "5162020", in which there are all kinds of ores: Copper, Tin, Iron, Lead, Silver, Tungsten, Gold, Platinum (Probably also Cobalt, Palladium, Mythril, Orichalcum...
  5. Clark Higgs

    Diagonal digging for Digging Molecart

    Hi! In update 1.4 Digging Molecart was added. It can only dig horizontally, but it is not always convenient. Sometimes you need detour, for example past a lava lake. This can only be done manually. Maybe you should add the possibility of diagonal movement? For example, while holding the Up or...
  6. Clark Higgs

    Ores choice

    Hi! Why not give the opportunity to choose the ore that you like? For example, I like the classic types of ores (copper, iron, silver, gold...). I know, they are weaker than alternative ores, but they seem to me more logical because coins are made of these ores. For those who do not care, you...
  7. Clark Higgs

    Moon Globe

    Hi! Recently 2 great things were added to the game: World Globe and Tree Globe. With these things, you can change the background of the world and the type of trees. It is very useful to make the world perfect for yourself. There could be more such items. Moon Globe for example. In order to...
  8. Clark Higgs

    [Light Pets] Flying Disco Ball

    What could be better than a party? - A party you can take with you! I suggest to add in the game a new light pet - a Flying Disco Ball. Less bright than Suspicious Looking Eye, but shimmers with all colors of rainbow, like a regular Disco Ball. Flying Disco Ball can be obtained by from...
  9. Clark Higgs

    [Accessory][Easter Egg] Unique effect for a shiny red balloon

    Hi all! As everyone knows, Terraria have a lot of easter eggs. It's awesome! I suggest adding one more, but item there is already in game. It is shiny red balloon. My suggestion is to change the display of this accessory in stealth mode (When using vortex armor for example) - make it visible...
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