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  1. TheHyperFlame

    PC Various types of MELEE damage

    Ayo, Terrarians. Today I wish to present my idea that is supposed to make the game more...funny? The idea is to make special damage types for melee weapons: swords, spears and hammers (no boomerangs for now, sorry :( ). So...let's get started. SWORDS that don't fire any projectiles, AXES and...
  2. TheHyperFlame

    PC Lesser effects after 1.3.3

    Ok, hey guys. I updated my Steam Terraria, and now, when I go to Desert Biome/Underworld, my FPS drops from 60 to 30. I think it is because some "Hot" indistinctness effects. My idea is next: How about making setting in Video, that will reduse this effects, like Quality button? What do you think...
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