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    Share your RNG luck here!

    I was building and my minion killed a slime and it dropped the slime staff :gslime::cool:
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    Why hasn't this been suggested yet?

    What about a popcorn kernel shooter! Damage: 12 speed: fast. what it does is it shoots popcorn kernels and they pop and explode on impact! it would be found in gold chests in the underground. :D`:happy:
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    Console 1.3 - An Update on Timing

    oh sorry! I'll remember that!!
  4. username

    Terraria Bad Ideas

    moon Lord + Destroyer = a horrible boss -_-
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    Console 1.3 - An Update on Timing

  6. username

    Console 1.3 - An Update on Timing

    I've been waiting for 2 years for 1.3 of console ever since it came out on PC. Hope yall are almost there :))))
  7. username

    Console 1.3 - An Update on Timing

    I'm very excited to see what this update holds! Hopefully, it can come out sometime before my birthday. Anyways keep at it with the great work :happy::dryadhappy::merchanthappy::nursehappy:~:happy:`:happy::joy:
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