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    tModLoader Terraria Avalon

    Wow, I'm really happy to see this project rebooted! In my opinion, Avalon is a really nostalgic mod. I remember being a noob, playing in 1.2 with Exxo Avalon. I'm glad to see this mod returning soon!
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    tModLoader Material Trader NPC

    Got the mod, pretty cool. My only concern is the quotes. For some reason, I get bothered by bad English in Terraria, but if it's not your native language, then that's alright, :)
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    Combination Items, Reforging Items, and other things (Hardmode Electronics, Mecha Loot, Tools)

    I could agree with the Golden Clentaminator, but the crafting recipe or price would have to be ridiculously hard or high. As for the Infinite Solution.. What is the infinite solution?
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    Story Arc Forum Fight - Part 1

    Ok, just making sure.
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    Story Arc Forum Fight - Part 1

    oh welp, time to edit this (By the way, are these kinds of forum games allowed? This game is usually considered on another wiki as a forum game)
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    Story Arc Forum Fight - Part 1

    So, as some of you may or may not know, the Terraria Forums have a forum game, known as Random Forum Fight. Along with it, comes a spin off, known as "Story Arc Forum Fight". The difference in those two games is that Random Forum Fight does not allow Reality Roleplaying (also known as...
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    Random Forum Fight!

    I summon a slime behind Parasy and make the slime jump on them.
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    Random Forum Fight!

    Somehow, I manage to get my 11-segment-long Stardust Dragon to attack Parasy.
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    Random Forum Fight!

    I summon the Moon Lord to fire a Phantasmal Death Ray
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    tModLoader TGM1234's Mods

    The Living Rainbow Dye Last Prism... It's BEAUTIFUL... ;-;
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    Sprites The River (Alternate Underworld)

    Wow, this looks really interesting! The first time I looked at the boss, I was like "Wow, whoever made that sprite is awesome" This is an interesting concept, I've never seen an underworld alternative :P Now someone has to make a surface alternative :P
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    [Released WIP] Terraria Avalon

    I highly doubt you can.
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    tModLoader The Thorium Mod

    Is this mod for 1.3.1 or 1.3 only?
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    [Released WIP] Terraria Avalon

    Is the mod updated for 1.3.1? Sorry, but I haven't been on this thread for a LOOOOOOOOONG time.
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    [Released WIP] Terraria Avalon

    (Playing the mod) As a begginer, there is not much to do but to do vanilla stuff. I didn't get a single modded item yet (exept for the DNA Statue)
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    Hello, I'm OinitOderfla.. I love Terraria and the mods the community has made. I LAIK KANDEI

    Hello, I'm OinitOderfla.. I love Terraria and the mods the community has made. I LAIK KANDEI
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    [Released WIP] Terraria Avalon

    Yay, Terraria's working again :D Btw, do you need GameLauncher for Exxo Avalon to work?
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    [Released WIP] Terraria Avalon

    I backed up my saves somewhere else, so now to reinstal Terraria and play Exxo Avalon!
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    [Released WIP] Terraria Avalon

    Are you sure that will work? I have the same problem and I am scared of not being able to play the game again.
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    PC I can't go on Terraria ;-;

    So... I have a problem. It's really complicated. After I retrieved my "Missing Executable", I was going to play Terraria again. But, this pops up: I was trying to figure out what the :redmunch: was going on. Then, I realised, it was because: I have no idea why it says :sigh: I...
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