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    The Shroomerang is currently pointless

    I like the idea of it spawning stationary projectiles. My own twist on that would be that it leaves a trailing cloud of spores (visually similar to what the Truffle attacks with) that persist for about 5 seconds and deal low, non-piercing damage, as well as carrying any debuffs from flasks...
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    Concrete Mix and Concrete

    Concrete Mix would be a block that falls when placed (like sand, silt, etc.) and then solidifies into stone-like Concrete either on impact or after a set amount of time passes. Breaking the solidified Concrete would yield the Concrete block itself. Concrete Mix would be crafted at the...
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    Make trashing items more noticeable

    I feel ya . . . when 1.4 dropped I was coming back from minecraft and went to put my armor and accessories in storage. I ended up accidentally trashing my Beetle Armor and several melee-focused accessories. It took me a ridiculous amount of grinding to get back to where I was, especially since I...
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    Summoner Accessory Ideas

    I figured the Berserker's Glove filled that role sufficiently, as it also helps with whips and adds some armor That's basically why I posted these ideas. I wanted something other than just mOaR DaMaGe or MoAr sLoTs. I could totally go without the Tracker's Trappings. Heck, I'd love to see an...
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    Suggestion: Allow Corruption to be toggled on or off

    The irreversible corruption of the Jungle really is the worst part for me. All they'd need to do is add a Clentaminator solution that converts dirt to mud and all grasses to Jungle grass and I'd be happy. Maybe it could be crafted with Chlorophyte and bottled water at a Crystal Ball?
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    PC Bestiary shows kill-count for enemy

    No joke I was farming the Solar Eclipse yesterday and wanted to see how many Mothron kills I had and instinctively went to the Bestiary to look at the kill count. I was dumbfounded when I realized it didn't have that functionality. I'd really like to see this added.
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    Key of Night + chest + Graveyard biome = alternate evil Biome Mimic

    We can already get most of the drops from the alternate biome by creating an artificial biome and grinding enemies or fishing. And while we can technically wait for the Biome Mimics to spawn in an artificial evil biome, I think it would be nice if we can just spawn them as needed like we can...
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    New set bonus for Bee Armour

    Heh, I completely failed to explain my thought process behind what I said. I was thinking that if they knocked the Obsidian set down a notch in terms of materials required they could also bring the stats waaay down, so it's actually a rung on the ladder between the Flinx Fur Coat and Bee armor...
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    New set bonus for Bee Armour

    Idk how I feel about this. I'd need to start a new playthrough to really feel how Obsidian and Bee armors compare. Glancing at the current stats and points in progression, maybe what really needs to happen is Obsidian Armor needs to be taken down a notch in terms of progression. To do this...
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    Summoner Accessory Ideas

    This is a small chunk of a massive list of ideas I had for the Summoner class (gear, mechanics, etc.) that I started around the time that 1.4 originally released. I realize that with the release of 1.4.1 it's highly unlikely that we'll see any of this added to the game, but I felt like sharing...
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    **REPORTED** Desert tiger staff missing flying targets

    It kinda looks like something happens when you get far enough away from the ground that the Tiger starts to just fly to keep up with you – like it's in limbo between attacking its target and following you. It might also have something to do with you using the Cosmic Car Key in the first clips vs...
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    **REPORTED** Ale Tosser doesn't gain Frostburn effect from Frost Armor

    I only just bothered to get this weapon for the sake of completion and noticed this – probably been this way since it was added to the game. It's kinda silly since this is a pre-hardmode weapon paired with a hardmode armor, but since it's technically a ranged weapon I figured I should report it.
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    Greedy Magnet

    I was honestly surprised that this wasn't implemented when the update dropped. It just makes too much sense for farming.
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    No one talks about Modifiers, Then i will do it (Why i continue :red: posting)

    To expand on this, the ONLY time melee speed boosts affect mining speed is with weapon modifiers, such as "Light" (generally the best modifier for that purpose). Changes to melee speed from armor, buffs, accessories, or accessory modifiers do not affect mining speed at all, even though your...
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    No one talks about Modifiers, Then i will do it (Why i continue :red: posting)

    I must admit, this isn't a topic I've ever thought about discussing, even though it's so fundamental to the game. I'm not a fan of "Friendly" because it's too class-specific and would be too powerful for pre-hardmode and/or too weak for hardmode. "Ultrasonic" is another one that I think is too...
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    Molten Quiver arrows should inflict "Hellfire" instead of "On Fire!"

    When the Magma Stone got the "Hellfire" buff in 1.4.1, I was very surprised that it carried over to the Fire Gauntlet but not to the Molten Quiver. I think that Wooden Arrows converted by the Molten Quiver should inflict this new debuff, for the sake of intuitive consistency.
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    Make Rod of Discord usable in the Grappling Hook equipment slot

    This may have been suggested in the past, but "rod" and "of" are too short for the search, so all I get are threads talking about Discord servers. I've been playing this game since 1.2.x and I only just got the Rod of Discord for the first time. I've haven't used it at all for exploring or...
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    PC Brain of Cthulhu ragequits if you hide in a box

    This is one I think I've run into before – way back in 1.3 and maybe even 1.2 – but I have never been able to figure out the conditions to reproduce it . . . . . . until now. Get in a Crimson biome and build yourself a box that is 4 wide and 5 high (the interior being 2x3 so you can stand in...
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    PC Neither Molotov Cocktails nor Paper Airplanes inherit Frostburn from the Frost Armor

    My dreams of watching blue-flamed paper airplanes gently gliding through the air at night have been crushed :( Now, I can see how this might have been intentional for Molotovs, but I figured I might as well toss it into this bug report, as it is technically a consumable ranged weapon. I'm...
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    Working as Designed Super Star Shooter piercing causes half of its shots to not hit

    Leinfors, you magnificently-coiffed bastard . . . if you actually manage to pull this off, I am unsure how I could properly convey the magnitude of my gratitude. In the end, if the pitchforks come, I'll understand if it gets reverted. After all, the needs of the many . . .
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