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    Concrete Mix and Concrete

    Concrete Mix would be a block that falls when placed (like sand, silt, etc.) and then solidifies into stone-like Concrete either on impact or after a set amount of time passes. Breaking the solidified Concrete would yield the Concrete block itself. Concrete Mix would be crafted at the...
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    Key of Night + chest + Graveyard biome = alternate evil Biome Mimic

    We can already get most of the drops from the alternate biome by creating an artificial biome and grinding enemies or fishing. And while we can technically wait for the Biome Mimics to spawn in an artificial evil biome, I think it would be nice if we can just spawn them as needed like we can...
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    Summoner Accessory Ideas

    This is a small chunk of a massive list of ideas I had for the Summoner class (gear, mechanics, etc.) that I started around the time that 1.4 originally released. I realize that with the release of 1.4.1 it's highly unlikely that we'll see any of this added to the game, but I felt like sharing...
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    **REPORTED** Ale Tosser doesn't gain Frostburn effect from Frost Armor

    I only just bothered to get this weapon for the sake of completion and noticed this – probably been this way since it was added to the game. It's kinda silly since this is a pre-hardmode weapon paired with a hardmode armor, but since it's technically a ranged weapon I figured I should report it.
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    Molten Quiver arrows should inflict "Hellfire" instead of "On Fire!"

    When the Magma Stone got the "Hellfire" buff in 1.4.1, I was very surprised that it carried over to the Fire Gauntlet but not to the Molten Quiver. I think that Wooden Arrows converted by the Molten Quiver should inflict this new debuff, for the sake of intuitive consistency.
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    Make Rod of Discord usable in the Grappling Hook equipment slot

    This may have been suggested in the past, but "rod" and "of" are too short for the search, so all I get are threads talking about Discord servers. I've been playing this game since 1.2.x and I only just got the Rod of Discord for the first time. I've haven't used it at all for exploring or...
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    PC Brain of Cthulhu ragequits if you hide in a box

    This is one I think I've run into before – way back in 1.3 and maybe even 1.2 – but I have never been able to figure out the conditions to reproduce it . . . . . . until now. Get in a Crimson biome and build yourself a box that is 4 wide and 5 high (the interior being 2x3 so you can stand in...
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    PC Neither Molotov Cocktails nor Paper Airplanes inherit Frostburn from the Frost Armor

    My dreams of watching blue-flamed paper airplanes gently gliding through the air at night have been crushed :( Now, I can see how this might have been intentional for Molotovs, but I figured I might as well toss it into this bug report, as it is technically a consumable ranged weapon. I'm...
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    What if "Confused" caused enemies to deal collateral damage to eachother?

    What if "Confused" completely lost the movement-inversion mechanic and instead made it so an affected enemy dealt incidental damage to other enemies, whether by ranged crossfire or melee contact? This could be an interesting debuff to use in crowd-control situations, as a swarming horde of...
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    Block placement speed isn't fast enough – even when fully boosted.

    I'm currently engaged in a building project that features making 17 tunnels that are about 400 blocks long each, and putting down the blocks along the ceiling and floor for each tunnel has been reminding me how annoying it is that the player's base speed is too fast to just hold A or D and...
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    Imp Staff upgrades – Cursed Imp Staff & Ichor Imp Staff

    The Imp Staff received a nice buff in 1.4, but I have a feeling that it still will struggle in early hardmode. I know that the Spider Staff, Blade Staff, Sanguine Staff, and Pirate Staff are all available pre-mech, but: The Spider Staff really works best with background walls The Blade Staff is...
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    Flails still need some love (modifiers/accessories)

    I've been really enjoying the new functionality of thrown flails, especially the bit where they can spin around the player (useful for blocking some projectiles and when getting ganged up on). However, there are still some changes that I think need to be made for both thrown and launched flails...
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    Swarm Totem and Giant Totem (Summoner Accessories)

    Even with the changes and additions for Summoners that came with 1.4, I still think that the class remains a bit shortchanged when it comes to the plethora of class-specific accessories available to the other three classes. The two accessories I'm suggesting here don't really provide boosts so...
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    Locust Staff (Minion Summon)

    'Summons a swarm of locusts to aid you' This is meant to be a unique approach to minion-style summons, focused not so much on direct damage as unique boosts for the Summoner and their teammates. Each summoned "minion" joins together as a single cloud (think Stardust Dragon) The cloud of...
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    Apothecary's Pouch (accessory)

    Effects: — Increases duration of all buffs by 50% — Decreases duration of all debuffs by 33% Tooltip: — Contains an ancient blend of 11 herbs and spices Notes: — Only affects buffs acquired from potions (not flasks) and debuffs acquired from enemies — Does affect Potion Sickness and Mana...
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    PC Hello there! New to the forums, but not to Terraria

    Originally purchased Terraria back on December 8th, 2013 (version, when it was on sale on Steam for $9.99. Played it pretty regularly until Fall 2015 (just after 1.3 dropped), about when I was asked to leave my job of nearly 10 years (got a newer and better paying one shortly...
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